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Island Company Rum

Island Company Rum

the way it should be
I dont know why its taken me so long to find at last the single most beautifully smooth rum on the planet but damn am I glad that I have at last.

i have always loved rum. when I was younger I first found captain morgans and eventually stepped up to Barbancourt and Mount Gay occasionally.

My heart sings with gladness for those brands as they are great, but for where I am in my life island company rum just is another level compared to everything else. This is it. Full Stop. The last rum I will ever drink.

its so damn good the only thing I think about when drinking it is how good it is - how smooth it is - how clean it is.

its bottled magic. seriously.

i was on the fence about posting this review at all; the way I feel about Island Company Rum the same way I feel about a band I just discovered that is AMAZING that I know will blow up and right now I kind of want to keep that a secret for a minute.

Like that band, island company rum just hasn't quite yet been discovered by everyone else and I kind of want that secret to keep just a bit longer....

Island Company Rum is the solution to the rum problem you didnt know you had.

hyperbole notwithstanding, its that damn good.