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Size750mL Proof22 (11% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
After becoming the late-afternoon drink of choice in Italy, Aperol and the famous Aperol Spritz cocktail have taken the world by storm. The bitter, sweet, and herbal profile of this liqueur is created using a secret recipe with various herbs and roots.
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About Aperol

After gaining extreme popularity as an "aperitivo" ― a social late afternoon pre-dinner drink ― in the form of Aperol Spritz, Aperol has taken the world by storm. Its bitter, sweet, and herbal profile is created using a secret recipe with various herbs and roots and its bright orange color makes it instantly recognizable. Mixed with sparkling prosecco and soda water and garnished with a slice of orange, it makes the refreshing Aperol Spritz cocktail that started a craze in Northeast Italy and has since become one of the most popular mixed drinks worldwide.

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About Aperol

When liquorist Gaspare Campari invented the red aperitif in 1860 in Milan, Italy he couldn't have imagined what a large player the Campari Group would become. His bars and liqueurs soon became known far and wide, but it wasn't until his son Davide took over that the company got the focus it needed. He built the brand around two drinks ― the Campari bitter and Cordial Campari ― channeling all the marketing into making them known worldwide. It was in 1932 that Campari Soda would launch its signature bottles that have remained the same to this day.

In the 1990s, the group began to expand considerably, acquiring several iconic liqueurs, vodka, gin, rum, tequila, whiskey, cognac, wine, and mixed-drink brands. Today, the company is the 6th largest player in the world with 18 manufacturing plants around the globe as well as several wineries. Its headquarters are located in Sesto San Giovanni, Italy, where its very first plant was built in 1904.

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An interplay of bitter, sweet, and herbal notes defines this liqueur. Orange zest, herbs, and a touch of vanilla on the nose give way to a herbal and woody body with bittersweet and briny notes. Finishes with lingering orange and herbal notes as well as a pleasant bitterness.
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