Teeling Stout Cask Finish Small Batch Irish Whiskey

Size750mL Proof92 (46% ABV)
This batch of Teeling was created by blending together select casks of grain and malt whiskey, and maturing them in Stout casks that were previously used by the Galway Bay Brewery.


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About Teeling Stout Cask Finish Small Batch Irish Whiskey

In 1782, Walter Teeling opened a distillery along Marrowbone Lane in Dublin, Ireland. At the time, nearly 40 independent distilleries dotted the rolling Irish landscape, the majority of which were centralized in the industrial engine room of the city — the Liberties. "Since 1782 the Teeling family has been crafting Irish Whiskey," says Jack Teeling, the founder of the Teeling Whiskey Company. "The entrepreneurial spirit that inspired Walter Teeling back in the 18th century has not been diluted over the years and the latest generation of Teelings are committed to innovating and creating unique Irish whiskeys.”

This Small Batch Stout Cask Finish is the second expression of the small batch release series by Teeling. This batch is created by blending together select casks of grain and malt whiskey, matured in Stout casks that were previously used in March 2016 by the Galway Bay Brewery, when they introduced their 200 Fathoms Imperial Stout, matured in Teeling casks. It is these same beer casks that are now used by Teeling to finish it’s whiskey. This batch was bottled in March 2017 at 46% ABV, and non chill filtered and without any additional coloring.

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About Irish Whiskey

Contrary to popular belief that Scots invented whisk(e)y, Irish whiskey was mentioned almost a century before its Scottish brother.

Its origin comes from the perfume distilling monks who decided to tweak the recipe a bit, creating Irish whiskey.

Irish whiskey doesn’t have a lot of rules and regulations to be considered “pure” and can be made with various grains and processes, as long as it is aged for at least three years in wooden casks and has a max ABV of 94.8%.

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Fresh-cut grass, apple pie, blackberry, and a hint of ginger on the nose. Rich with lemon curd, dried herbs, and baking spice on the palate. The finish is long, floral, and herbal.
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