Sheep Dip Islay Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

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Size750mL Proof80 (40% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
Winner of the NY, Ultimate Spirit Challenge Chairman’s Recommendation 2015. This whisky was dubbed ‘extraordinary’ with a score of 96/100.
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About Sheep Dip Islay Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Sheep Dip Malt Whisky is made on the fully-operational Spencerfield Farm, which was originally established in 1559 and overlooks the Firth of Forth and the monumental Forth Rail Bridge. Alex Nicol, a former team member at Scottish and Newcastle, Whyte and Mackay, Glenmorangie and Laphroaig distilleries, leads the operation and consulted whisky legend Richard Paterson in creating the blend for Sheep Dip Malt Whisky (Paterson is such an expert that his nose was insured for £7 million).

Sheep Dip Malt Whisky is a vatting of 16 different single malt whiskies from the Lowland, Highland, Speyside and Islay whisky regions of Scotland. Sheep Dip Islay Blended Malt is a quite different than the original Sheep Dip. This peated single malt from Islay, has pure Islay, sweet smoke on the nose, layered with notes of brine, followed by gentle smoke. Winner of the NY, Ultimate Spirit Challenge Chairman’s Recommendation 2015. This whisky was dubbed ‘extraordinary’ with a score of 96/100.

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About Sheep Dip

British farmers have long used an insecticide, referred to in layman’s terms as Sheep Dip, to delouse their sheep prior to shearing. This liquid both cleanses the sheep of parasites and preserves the sheep’s wool, and is commonplace on West Country farms. As farmers became enterprising with their grains and began distilling their own, homemade whisky, they cleverly hid the substance in barrels labeled "SD" — short for Sheep Dip — to avoid paying taxes on the whisky. Eventually, even farmer’s wholesalers began selling the whisky, billing it as Sheep Dip. Unfortunately, not all of the farmer’s purchasing the whisky had flocks of sheep, and thus ultimately the scheme was uncovered by the British government.

About Scotch

Scotch is the most popular whisky in the world and is considered the king of them all! There are five whisky regions in Scotland (six if you count the not officially recognized Islands), and each of them produces spirits with unique properties and distinct tasting notes. (The type of grain used determents the type of the scotch.)

Malt whisky is made of malted barley, and grain whisky uses other grains like corn or wheat. Most of the time, a whisky is blended from different distilleries hence the name blended scotch, but if a malt whisky is produced in a single distillery, we get something extraordinary called a single malt.

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“Roasted peaches & tomato aromas mingle with notes of campfire smoke on the expressive nose. Flavors in the mouth are thoroughly smoky with sweet undertones of sugared grains, creating a pleasant balance that is long lasting.” — Ultimate Spirits Challenge
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