TYKU Junmai Ginjo Sake

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Size750mL Proof30 (15% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
TYKU Junmai Ginjo sake is a rich and silky premium sake from the famed Umenoyado brewery. It is crafted from a special blend of Yamada Nishiki and Akebono rice that is polished until only 55% of the grain remains.
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About TYKU Junmai Ginjo Sake

TYKU premium sake is made with only 4 simple natural ingredients: rice, water, koji mold and yeast. Sake is still largely produced using traditional processes. Specialty grade, non-GMO sake rice is first polished, and the sake grade is determined at this point by how much of the rice grain is polished away. The more polished the grain, the more refined and smooth the sake, and sakes made from rice with over 30% of the grain polished are considered premium. The polished rice is washed, soaked and steamed. Umenoyado uses soft, iron-free water from Mt. Katsuragi’s underground springs. Steamed rice is sprinkled with koji mold and yeast is added to start the fermentation. After the fermentation, the liquid is pressed out and filtered, extracting the sake. Sake is then pasteurized and rested in barrels for about 3 weeks to round out the flavor profile.

TYKU Junmai Ginjo is a rich and silky premium sake crafted from a special blend of Yamada Nishiki and Akebono rice. Junmai Ginjo classification means that at least 40% of the rice grain was removed during the polishing, and TYKU Junmai Ginjo is made from rice that is polished until only 55% of the grain remains. This award-winning sake is best enjoyed chilled like a fine white wine.


About TYKU Sake

TYKU is a premium sake brand and one of the fastest-growing in the US. It is handcrafted in Umenoyado Brewery in "The Birthplace of Sake", Nara, Japan. The brewery has won the prestigious Japanese sake competition Zenkoku Shinshi Kanpyo Kai 10 times.

The Umenoyado Brewery has been overseen by the Yoshida Family for 5 generations and is currently ran by Kayo Yoshida, the first female brewery owner in Nara. The iron-free and soft pure water is sourced from the underground springs and the production of sake is natural, using only 4 simple ingredients: non-GMO rice, water, yeast, and koji, a mold that is used for breaking down starches into sugars.

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This sake has a rich and silky texture with hints of peach and vanilla notes. The finish is long and crisp.
3.4 out of 5
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