1. Belvedere Heritage 176

    Proof80 (40% ABV)
    The Polmos Zyrardów distillery was founded in the heart of Poland in 1910. Produced using only rye and water, Belvedere Vodka is crafted from premium Dankowskie Rye, a resilient grain that withstands harsh Polish winters, sourced from the Mazovian plains of Poland and artesian well water.

    Belvedere is the end result of six centuries of Polish vodka tradition. Belvedere, which means "beautiful to see" is named after the Belweder Palace in Warsaw, which adorns every bottle as a reminder of the brand’s heritage. The vodka is quadruple-distilled to bolster its purity, and is completely free of additives, including sugar or glycerin. Belvedere Vodka has one of the most awarded luxury vodka portfolios, recognized by the likes of the Vodka Masters, TheFiftyBest.com Vodka Awards, and the International Spirits Challenge. They also are involved in humanitarian causes to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa.

    Heritage 176 is a unique type of spirit from the hands of their Master Rye Distillers. It draws from production processes of the past, when Polish vodka involved fire-kilned drying at the malting stage. This means that the spirit was richer than the neutral vodka produced today using modern technology. The name is a reference to the 176 degrees Fahrenheit ― the temperature of the kilns. The 100% rye vodka uses 2% of malted rye in the recipe, resulting in a sweeter, fuller, and more complex drink. Bottled at 80 proof, the expression received 94 points from Ultimate Spirits Challenge in 2020.

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    The nose has rye bread, nutty notes, honey, cream, and allspice. The full-bodied palate mirrors those notes nicely with the addition of toffee and sweet spice. It finishes smooth and creamy with a balance of toffee, nuts, allspice, and malted rye sweetness.
  2. Neft Black Vodka (1L)

    Proof80 (40% ABV)
    NEFT is a Russian-Austrian brand placing vodka at the heart of life and culture. This incredibly distinctive brand is known for its iconic NEFT BARREL, which was created by a petroleum engineer who wanted to celebrate the industry of hard workers by giving them an amazing distilled spirit, the way it should be.

    NEFT Vodka – Russian for oil – is new ultra-premium vodka to the US that is packaged in a unique, specially made oil barrel. Pure Alpine spring water and the best quality grains are the basic ingredients for its wonderful, natural taste.

    Next is at the nexus of Austrian precision and Russian vodka expertise, combined with the best European rye grains and local Alpine spring water. NEFT is produced at the source in small batches, according to their vision, knowledge and experience. Multiple distillations as well as a special double-filtration technology are used to produce NEFT Vodka to guarantee consuming this spirit at the highest level of quality. Available in black and white cans.

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    Smooth inviting sweet notes of citrus and vanilla followed by an ethereal textured finish.
  3. Cîroc French Vanilla Vodka

    Proof70 (35% ABV)
    Cîroc is a French brand of vodka crafted from eaux-de-vie, produced in the Charente-Maritime region of France. Founded in 2003 by Master Distiller Jean-Sebastian Robiquet, it is owned and distributed by Diageo. In 2007 Sean Puffy Combs became an equal share partner for Cîroc and has spearheaded their marketing and promotion, bolstering the brand into the stratosphere.

    Cîroc Vodka is distilled from mauzac blanc and ugni blanc grapes for a smooth fresh flavor. The eaux-de-vie is distilled a fifth time at the historic Distillerie de Chevanceaux in the South of France.

    CÎROC French Vanilla is handcrafted from quintuple distilled vodka, using fine French grapes, then infused with Madagascar vanilla and other natural flavors, yielding a uniquely rich and creamy taste. Enjoy it on the rocks, as a shot, or mixed in your favorite cocktail.

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    Vanilla cream with hints of vanilla bean on the nose, followed by rich French vanilla ice cream on the palate, with a subtle underlying, signature Ciroc flavor. The finish is creamy, silky and smooth.
  4. Chopin Vera Wang Vodka

    Proof80 (40% ABV)
    Chopin Vodka is named after the famous Polish classical composer Frédéric Chopin. Produced by Polmos Siedlce, their classic vodkas are quadruple distilled from either potatoes, wheat, or rye grains. It is a small-batch Dorda family affair that first made its debut in North America in 1997. Though they are most renowned for their potato vodka, their label has expanded their portfolio to include what are considered to be some of the "finest single ingredient" vodkas around, recently adding vodka-based caramel, chocolate, and coconut liqueurs to the lineup as well.

    They are going against the popular belief that the spirit should be as neutral as possible, refusing to use any flavoring and coloring and proving that the single ingredient used in each expression can shine through. Distilling their vodka in the Chopin distillery in the Polish village of Krzesk, they claim a whole 7 pounds of potatoes are used to make a liter of the spirit. All the ingredients are sourced locally and most of the process is done by hand, using a copper column still.

    In 2021 Chopin partnered with iconic fashion designer Vera Wang to release Vera Wang X Chopin, a handcrafted farm-to-bottle vodka. The spirit is crafted with a variety of young potatoes that are grown sustainably and without pesticides or chemicals in the village of Krzesk, where the vodka is made. The potato variety was personally selected by Vera Wang and the resulting spirit has distinct aromas, taste, and character. While the sleek Chopin bottle retains its signature shape, the matte bi-color design reflects Wang's artistic style with a poem on the back paying tribute to Wang's relationship with the spirit.

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    It's a complex, aromatic, and distinct spirit with hints of spice on the nose. The palate has a gentle sweetness with a touch of earthiness. The finish is super smooth and clean.
  5. On The Rocks The Cosmopolitan

    Proof40 (20% ABV)
    On the Rocks Premium Cocktails was launched in 2016 by Andrew Gill, Patrick Halbert, and Rocco Milano in Dallas, Texas with the idea to bring the cocktail bar experience into the comfort of your home. They produce premium craft ready-to-drink cocktails using the finest natural ingredients and proper spirits.

    Their aim is to bring the whole experience of having a consistently perfect cocktail, without the need for multiple ingredients and equipment, and without sacrificing taste. No preservatives are added and the range is sweetened with cane sugar only. After securing several partnership deals with airlines and hotels that recognized the quality of the product ― the list includes Four Seasons, Hyatt, Hilton, and Hawaiian Airlines ― the company took off in a big way.

    "My focus was to create bar-quality cocktails that had balance and subtlety of character — making cocktails that have layers of complexity rather than being overly sweet, boozy, or otherwise. We operate under the belief that ‘good’ is the enemy of ‘great.’ We kept working on our drinks until we had ‘great’ drinks," says co-founder and mixologist-in-chief Rocco Milano.

    After Beam Suntory joined to provide quality branded spirits for their cocktails, the road was paved for a smash hit. "We couldn’t be happier to have gained a partner like Beam Suntory. Their partnership will help us grow our business much faster, and our collaboration will mean that our hand-crafted, quality cocktails will also include some of the world’s finest premium spirits," said Halbert of the partnership. Right now their lineup consists of The Old Fashioned, The Aviation, The Mai Tai, The Cosmopolitan, Jalapeño Pineapple Margarita, and The Margarita.

    On the Rocks The Cosmopolitan is their take on the mega-popular cosmopolitan cocktail. It's crafted with the premium Effen Vodka, a Dutch carbon-filtered wheat spirit. Along with cranberry, triple sec, lemon zest, and lime, it makes for a super fresh and exciting cocktail that is one step away from a perfect cocktail. Add ice and you're good to go.

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    It's a refreshing and fruity profile with cranberries, lemon zest, and lime. The triple sec adds a layer of complexity with its bittersweet and orange flavor, and the premium Effen Vodka makes for a crisp and fresh base that screams quality.
  6. iichiko Saiten

    Proof86 (43% ABV)
    Situated in the Oita Prefecture on Japan's southernmost island of Kyushu, iichiko produces shōchū, a traditional Japanese spirit. The operation employs cutting-edge technology in making its award-winning spirits. But it's also the environment that contributes to the quality of the product. The region is famous for its clean air, forests, and mountains, as well as spings. The water iichiko uses is naturally filtered through volcanic rock and is soft and iron-free.

    "iichiko" means "it's great" in the local Oita dialect. The distillery was formed in 1958 and produced sake, wine, and shōchū. The very first iichiko shōchū to be made from barley was released in 1979. Since then the company has become one of the leading Japanese producers of barley shōchū.

    While shōchū is most commonly distilled from rice, iichiko Saiten is crafted from polished 100% two-row barley, making it a distant cousin of whisky. It's a Honkaku shōchū, meaning it's the highest grade of the spirit and one that utilizes a single ingredient. No additives or sweeteners are added and the pristine water is filtered through 1,000 feet of volcanic rock.

    The barley is steeped in this water before being steamed and left to ferment using koji, a type of mold that kickstarts the process of converting starch to sugar. It is then distilled once using low pressure and atmospheric distillation before the two raw distillates are blended together. The iichiko Saiten expression is bottled at a higher 86 proof and is a full-flavored and complex shōchū that was crafted to work particularly well in cocktails.

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    The nose opens with honeydew melon, grape, pickled watermelon rind, and citrus notes, along with a hint of peppery spice, barley, and soy. The palate has a richness and umami notes with tea, and white peaches. There's a minerality and earthiness underneath with some citrus and brine notes. The finish is long.
  7. Lejay Crème De Cassis

    Proof36 (18% ABV)
    In 1841, in Dijon, the heart of the Burgundy region of France, Auguste Denis Lagoute created the original Crème De Cassis. Elisabeth Lagoute, Auguste's daughter, married Henri Lejay, who quickly made his mark in the family and entered into the family business.

    Lejay Crème De Cassis is made from two different varieties of cassis, more commonly known as blackcurrants. The blackcurrants are harvested once a year using a special technique that delicately harvests the berries in small trays in order to prevent crushing and fermentation. The fruit is then slowly macerated in small batch distilled French eau de vie. Following maceration, the solids are gently pressed and mixed with free-run juice to create the "virgin mixture". The "virgin mixture" is then decanted, leveraging gravity to avoid filtration and preserve flavor.

    After being decanted, French crystal sugar is blended with the mixture. Finally, a subtle touch of cassis bud is infused to bring out the natural aromatics of the berry. Lejay Crème De Cassis has an intense aroma on the nose of tart blackcurrant mixed with hints of plum. The palate is rich and fruity with notes of citrus, sweet cherries and caramel. The finish is long and rich with strong blackcurrant and hints of citrus.

    Lejay Crème De Cassis was called "The Gold Standard" and received five stars from F. Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal.

    New Year's Cocktail Suggestion: Kir Royal

    1 oz. Lejay Crème De Cassis
    4 oz. Champagne

    Pour Cassis in a chilled coupe or flute, top with Champagne.

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    Lejay Crème De Cassis has an intense aroma on the nose of tart blackcurrant mixed with hints of plum. The palate is rich and fruity with notes of citrus, sweet cherries and caramel. The finish is long and rich with strong blackcurrant and hints of citrus.
  8. Chartreuse Green Liqueur

    Proof110 (55% ABV)
    In 1605, Carthusian monks living just outside the city of Paris received a gift from Francois-Annibal d'Estrées, the Marshall of the King's Artillery. The gift was a manuscript that Francois had inherited, and detailed a recipe for a liqueur that was simply named "Elixir of Long Life." The manuscript was nearly impossible to decipher and in the beginning of the 18th century, was sent to La Grande Chartreuse. In 1737, Frère Jerome Maubec, the monastery's apothecary, unraveled the mysterious recipe, which called for the use of over one hundred herbs and botanicals.

    Today, Chartreuse Liqueur continues to be made exclusively by Carthusian monks and remains one of the oldest and most mysterious spirits available. Only three monks from the order know the recipe to make the liqueur, and each has taken a vow of silence in order to protect its integrity.

    Chartreuse Green Liqueur is made according to the recipe bequeathed to the monks by Francois-Annibal d' Estrées. The recipe calls for the maceration of over 130 different herbs, plants, roots and botanicals that can be grown near the French Alps into a base wine. Following maceration, the liqueur is aged in oak vats for five years. As a result, the liqueur has an intensely vegetal aroma, with hints of cloves, thyme, lemon, rosemary and cinnamon.

    Chartreuse Green Liqueur earned the Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and a score of 95 points at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge in 2012. It also earned a score of 96-100 points from Wine Enthusiast, which called it one of the Top 50 Spirits of the Year.

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    Intensely vegetal aroma, with hints of cloves, thyme, lemon, rosemary and cinnamon.
  9. Spirit Of Hven Organic Aquavit

    Proof80 (40% ABV)
    On the beautiful island of Hven situated in Öresund between Denmark and Sweden, nearby the Danish coast, sits the Spirit of Hven- a mini hotel, restaurant and distillery, produces a various range of whisky, vodka, gin and aquavit. Established in 2008, this distillery carries the unique distinction of being the third pot still distillery ever established in Sweden.

    Hven owner Master Distiller and chemist Henric Mollin, is the mastermind behind this distinctive, organic spirit. The aquavit is handcrafted purely with certified organic ingredients. Only the freshest, finest lemons and oranges are hand-selected, this citrus imparts the oily citric notes onto the spirit, binding the flavors in harmony.

    The gin is distilled in the small copper pot stills yielding soft aromatic notes and a refreshingly sweet, elegant balance of fresh botanicals. Post distillation, the resultant spirit is matured in oak casks, adding an extra depth of character. These barrels impart a soft character of vanilla, fudge, and freshly ground coffee and herbs giving the vodka a long, smooth finish.

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    Caraway in the scent, combined, berry from the St Johns wort. Fresh citrus peels, and sweet pot distilled notes. Oak imparts peppery herbal notes. Notes of sweet vanilla and fudge, on the palate with coffee and licorice. The finish is honeyed with a viscose sweetness.
  10. Legendre Herbsaint 100 Proof Liqueur

    Proof100 (50% ABV)
    Herbsaint started out as an anise-flavored liqueur initially created to be an absinthe-substitute in New Orleans Louisiana in 1934. Created by J. Marion Legendre and Reginald Parker, the duo learned to make absinthe in France during WWI. Originally produced under the name “Legendre Absinthe,” the brand is now produced by Sazerac.

    The spirit was introduced just after Prohibition had ended, and was designed to mimic absinth, which was banned in 1912. Herbsaint was never considered absinthe, as it did not contain wormwood, absinthe’s signature ingredient. The Federal Alcohol Control Administration also opposed Legendre's use of the word “absinthe,” and the name was changed to "Legendre Herbsaint,” French Creole for "Herbe Sainte" (Sacred Herb), the Artemisia absinthium.

    Legendre Herbsaint is the vintage-styled Herbsaint, inspired by the World War I era spirit, it has more floral, herbaceous qualities. It is cut to a bold 100 proof and bottled.

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    Strong on the nose with floral and herbaceous elements. The nose echoes the palate with vintage absinthe flavors, and star anise. The finish is sharp and crisp.
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