Tullamore D.E.W. XO Caribbean Rum Cask Finish Irish Whiskey

This triple-distilled Irish whiskey is first aged in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry barrels before being finished in first-fill Demerara rum barrels, imparting the spirit with sweet tropical notes.
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Situated in the Midlands region of Ireland, the city of Tullamore was ruled for centuries by Clan O'Molloy. On May 10, 1785, a hot air balloon crashed into the city of Tullamore and began a fire that destroyed over 100 homes, making Tullamore the site of the world's first known aviation disaster. Following the accident, the city adopted a phoenix (a phoenix is a mythological Greek bird that is reborn after it dies) rising from the ashes as its coat of arms, a symbol of its resilience and recovery. Tullamore DEW Distillery was founded within 50 years of the accident and is situated at the very site where the hot air balloon struck a smoking chimney, which started the fire.

Established in 1829 by Michael Molloy, Tullamore DEW is named after one of Ireland's most famous distillers: Daniel Edmund Williams. Williams started working at the original Tullamore distillery as a stable boy at just 15 years of age and rose to the position of Distillery Manager in just 10 years, later becoming the owner. The original distillery closed its doors in 1954 and the brand changed hands, ultimately ending up under William Grant & Sons in 2010. A new distillery was opened in 2014 on the outskirts of Tullamore, bringing whiskey production back to the town after 6 decades. Tullamore DEW is the second-best-selling Irish whiskey in the world.

Tullamore DEW Irish Whiskey is made from three different grains, including malted barley, unmalted barley, and corn. Once the grains are harvested, they are milled and mashed with hot water before being fermented in wooden washbacks. During fermentation, the grain's sugars are converted into alcohol, creating a strong yet sour beer called wash. The wash is then triple distilled through three copper-pot stills: a wash still, a low wines still and a pot still. Through each distillation process, the alcohol content and flavors of the whiskey are intensified.

This expression starts with Tullamore Dew triple blend Irish whiskey. The triple-distilled whiskey has single malt, single grain, as well as single pot-still components and is matured in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry barrels. Afterward, it is finished in first-fill rum barrels that used to hold Demerara rum from Guyana. This imparts the XO Caribbean Rum Cask Finish expression with a layer of sweet tropical fruit notes.

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Proof 86 (43% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Tullamore DEW Distillery
Size 750mL
The nose opens with sweet and fruity notes ranging from caramel to banana and raisins, as well as a touch of spice. Its sweet, rich, and spicy palate has notes of banana, vanilla, dates, and fruit. The sweetness and spice linger through the finish with gentle oak notes.
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