Papa's Pilar Legacy Edition 2021

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Size750mL Proof86 (43% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
The Legacy is a new annual release from Papa's Pilar. The rum pays tribute to Hemingway's legacy and is a blend of 9 ultra-premium rums, finished using a double solera process using rye whiskey and amontillado sherry casks.
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About Papa's Pilar Legacy Edition 2021

In 1934, Ernest Hemingway purchased a boat named Pilar from the Wheeler Shipyard for $7,495. Although he ordered the boat from a catalog, extensive customization was requested (including a livewell and a cockpit enclosed with copper screens) in order to make it unique. The boat would eventually become inextricably linked to Hemingway — he used it to catch one of the world’s largest sharks in 1935, and, during World War II, the author went hunting for German U-boats in the Caribbean waters on board the ship (the boat was equipped with a sub-machine gun and hand grenades). As a result of his extensive travels, Hemingway was said to have lived a life of perpetual motion, always acting as a trailblazer and never as a spectator.

Papa’s Pilar is inspired by Hemingway and his thirst for adventure. Named after "Papa" Hemingway and his boat Pilar, the range offers fine rum that is hand-picked from the Caribbean, Central, South, and North America. These are solera blended in bourbon barrels, port wine casks and Spanish sherry casks. The range has garnered some of the most prestigious awards in the spirits industry.

Papa's Pilar Legacy Edition 2021 is a celebration of "the man, the rum, and the legacy". The annual release was crafted by Master Blender and Distiller Ron Call and is a blend of 9 ultra-premium rums that were finished using a double solera process using rye whiskey and amontillado sherry casks. The rich and smooth expression is bottled at 86 proof.

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About Rum

Rum history allegedly started in the Carribiens in the 17th century when they started to ferment and distill molasses, a byproduct of sugar production. Most of the Rum is aged in oak or ex-wine casks, giving its color and flavor.

We distinguish between 4 different Rum categories, where white or unaged rum is mainly used in cocktails, while dark, spiced, and añejo (aged) rum are mostly enjoyed neat.

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The nose is gently sweet with spice, chocolate, coffee, caramel, and vanilla aromas. It's full-bodied and sweet with vanilla and dark chocolate on the palate. The finish is spicy and drying with hints of oak.
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