Nankai Gold Premium Blended Shochu

This unique shochu is a blend of matured black sugar shochu that is aged in a combination of American white oak and French Limousin casks. Vacuum-distilled in Amami, Japan, the shochu is bottled at 86 proof, considerably higher than most shochu.
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Shochu is a traditional Japanese distillate that is usually single-distilled from rice, barley, sweet potato, or a number of other ingredients. The story of Nankai Shochu began in 2015 when Paul and Mai Nakayama spent their honeymoon in Amami, Japan ― the hometown of Mai's parents. It's there that the pair tried the vacuum-distilled spirit, a black sugar shochu that they ended up enjoying immensely. After visiting a distillery the next day, the idea for Nankai Shochu began to formulate.

Nankai Shochu was born of their desire to share their shochu experience with their friends in California. The premium Japanese blended shochu is finished in oak casks from Amami island, where the all-natural black sugar shochu is vacuum-distilled from 80% sugarcane and 20% rice. Their products have received a Gold Medal at the LA Spirits Competition as well as a Gold Medal at the SIP Awards in 2018.

Nankai Gold Shochu is a shochu for whisky lovers. It's a blend of matured black sugar shochu that is bottled at 86 proof ― much higher than typical shochu. Apart from the black sugar and rice, the only ingredients that go into Nankai Gold are sugarcane, koji yeast, and water. The single vacuum distillation results in a smoother and softer spirit that benefits particularly from aging in American white oak and French Limousin casks, where the oldest components in the blend are up to 5 years old.

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Proof 86 (43% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Machida Distillery
Size 750mL
This shochu is exceptionally smooth and complex with fruity, floral, and malty aromas and gentle raisin, chocolate, and honey notes.
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