Gem & Bolt Mezcal Artesanal

This unique mezcal is crafted using ripe espadín agaves in Oaxaca, Mexico. Produced using traditional methods, it sets itself apart by being distilled with damiana, a flowering shrub that is said to have mood-elevating and aphrodisiac properties.
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Legend tells of a lightning bolt that struck the heart of an agave in Ancient Mexico. It is said that the plant was roasted and fermented, producing the first mezcal. Gem & Bolt Mezcal was founded in 2012 by AdrinAdrina and Elliott Coon in partnership with Jody Levy and Lisa Derman. AdrinAdrina and Coon are both artists as well as daughters of bootleggers, meaning that they found plenty of inspiration in their shared childhood memories. They operate with the mantra: "make art, share plant awareness, celebrate, repeat." The bottles feature a modern graphic of a diamond and lightning bolt.

The mezcal itself is produced in Oaxaca, Mexico by fourth-generation Master Distiller Vicente Reyes Cervantes using espadín agaves and fresh mountain spring water. The agave takes up to 10 years to reach maturity. It is then harvested by hand, wood-roasted in earth-pit ovens, and mashed with a traditional tahona stone mill. The mash is then left to ferment in wooden vats before being distilled in copper stills. Gem & Bolt prides it self on being fair-trade, organic, and sustainable.

What sets Gem & Bolt Mezcal apart is the addition of damiana, a flowering shrub that is native to Mexico. The Maya and Aztecs realized its mood-elevating and aphrodisiac qualities and the resulting spirit is richer for it. It's what makes this mezcal unique, as it is the only one on the market that is distilled with damiana. The plant gives the spirit a distinct, complex, and floral sweetness.

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Proof 80 (40% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Gem & Bolt Distillery
Size 750mL
There's a complex sweetness on the nose with distinct floral aromas, as well as citrus, spice, and vegetal notes. It's equally sweet, floral, and vegetal on the palate with just a touch of smoke that lingers through the clean finish.
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