Espina Negra Jabali Mezcal

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Size750mL Proof90 (45% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
Santa Ana del Rio is a small community near Oaxaca, where the main occupation of families is the production of mezcal. This expression is crafted by the Cruz Molina family from ripe jabali agaves where 110 lb of the plant is needed to produce a liter of the spirit.
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About Espina Negra Jabali Mezcal

Espina Negra Mezcal is crafted in small batches from ripe agaves. Once these are harvested by hand, they are taken to the palenque where they are cut and cooked in stone ovens for 3 days. The agaves are then crushed using a horse-drawn stone mill and transferred into fermentation vats where the sugar turns into alcohol. Then, the juice is double-distilled in a copper alembic still and finally bottled at 90 proof. Espina Negra Mezcal Jabali is distilled from 100% jabali agaves that are hand-selected once they have reached peak maturity ― this takes from 16 to 18 years. A whopping 110 lb of agave is needed to produce a single liter of this premium expression that has notes of smoke and mint as well as herbal and earthy undertones.

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About Espina Negra

The name "mezcal" is a combination of Metl (agave) and Ixcalli (cooked). Mezcal Espina Negra comes from Santa Ana del Rio, a small community near Oaxaca where most families are involved in the production of mezcal. Espina Negra is named after the black thorns of the agave plants that keep reminding the jimadores to respect the plant ― just as their ancestors have taught them.

With some 60 years of tradition and 3 generations of mezcal producers, the famous spirit runs in the veins of the Cruz Molina family. All this experience is poured into their work daily, during the harvesting, transporting, cooking, grinding, fermentation, distilling, and bottling. The end result is a product of all the love, dedication, and enthusiasm of the family. The passion and hard work are reflected in the mezcal that the family wants to share with the world.

About Mezcal

Mezcal is a distilled spirit made from roasted agave plants between two days and two weeks, which gives it a distinct smokey flavor.
What scotch is for whisk(e)y, mezcal is for tequila.

It can be made from different types of agave in different parts of Mexico, but most of it (60%) comes from the state of Oaxaca. Mezcal offers a large diversity of flavor profiles and ranges between 40 and 55% ABV.

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This super-premium mezcal opens with smoky notes that are followed by mint on the palate. Earthy and herbal notes make for a well-rounded profile.
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