Berkshire Mountain Distillers Two Lanterns American Whiskey

Inspired by the two lanterns lit at Old North Church in Boston in 1775, this whiskey is the first ever to be legally distilled from Boston Lager.
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When Chris Weld, founder and master distiller at Berkshire Mountain Distillers, was thirteen years old, he set about building a still for his eighth-grade science project. "My dad was a Scotch drinker, so I'd gotten it in my head that I wanted to build my very own still," he says. When he learned that distilling spirits without a license was a federal offense, "well, that kind of put the kibosh on the whole plan."

In 2007, he decided to try again. After purchasing some property in the shadow of the Berkshire Mountains in Sheffield, Massachusetts, Weld opened the doors to Berkshire Mountain Distillers. At the time, the land was little more than a dilapidated apple farm, but it did sport a legendary hot spring that was once deemed to produce the finest water in the world. Back in the 19th century, the water from the spring was thought to be so curative and therapeutic that people would travel across the country in order to drink from it. While Weld doesn't claim that the spring water — which is rich in minerals and naturally granite-filtered — has any mystical healing powers, he does swear by it.

The town's first legal distillery since Prohibition, Berkshire Mountain Distillers is a genuine artisanal brand, crafting award-winning spirits in small batches, while supporting local agriculture by using regionally sourced ingredients.

This Two Lanterns expression is inspired by the two lanterns lit at Old North Church in Boston in 1775 that signaled to the Sons of Liberty that the British were coming by sea to Lexington and Concord to capture Samuel Adams and John Hancock and hang them as traitors.

A collaboration with Samuel Adams, this whiskey is triple distilled from Boston Lager, Samuel Adam’s flagship. This whiskey is the first ever to be legally distilled from Boston Lager. Barrel-aged for four years, this inspired whiskey showcases lager notes of blended hops, toasted malt, caramel floral elements and green grape and lychee nut. “This is a very clean and light whiskey that is genetically tied to a historic lager - try a taste of history” (producer).

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Proof 86 (43% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Berkshire Mountain Distillers
Size 750mL
Clean and light with toasted malt and caramel on the nose, with a floral quality reminiscent of green grape and lychee nut, vestigial notes of hops.
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