Wheyward Spirit

Finding a solution to the problem of whey waste in America, Wheyward Spirit is food scientist Emily Darchuk’s unique ultra-premium spirit. Made from whey, it can be comparable to vodka or other clear spirits. Boasting a velvety smooth and sippable palate, it can be savored neat or in cocktails.
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The founder of Wheyward Spirit is Emily Darchuk, a food scientist with a background in the natural food and dairy industry. Noticing the problem of whey waste – for every 10 pounds of milk, 9 pounds of whey are left to the cheesemaker – Emily figured out a tasty solution to this problem: she knew whey could be converted into alcohol but as someone who cares about flavors and the experience of tasting hand-crafted, high-quality spirits, she wanted to create something outstanding for everyone who is mindful about the impact of their purchases – Wheyward Spirit is a spirit with substance and soul.

Crafted from scratch, Wheyward Spirit is a unique spirit that can be compared to vodka. The “farm-to-flask” process takes around 2 weeks and high-quality wheat is sourced from local dairies. With a velvety smooth finish and a sippable flavor, nothing currently available on the market compares to it – most spirits are stripped of their authentic flavor, but Wheyward Spirit stands out with its signature taste and creamy smoothness. Greeting you first are hints of vanilla cream, warm oak, and spice notes before rounding out with champagne and pear flavors. A crisp and distinct spirit, it can easily be savored neat or replace a clear spirit in your favorite cocktail.

Help solve the whey problem and get Wheyward Spirit today!
More Information
Proof 80 (40% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Weyward Distillery
Size 750mL
Clear color. A refreshing nose. Velvety smooth and crisp palate with flavors of vanilla cream, warm oak, and spice notes and champagne and pear flavors on the finish.
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