TYKU Junmai Sake

Junmai sake has 30% or more rice polished off before being steamed and fermented, with only 15% of all sake produced achieving this level of quality. Crafted from Akebono sake rice, TYKU Junmai is a premium and ultra-smooth sake.
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TYKU is a premium sake brand and one of the fastest-growing in the US. It is handcrafted in Umenoyado Brewery in "The Birthplace of Sake", Nara, Japan. The brewery has won the prestigious Japanese sake competition Zenkoku Shinshi Kanpyo Kai 10 times.

The Umenoyado Brewery has been overseen by the Yoshida Family for 5 generations and is currently ran by Kayo Yoshida, the first female brewery owner in Nara. The iron-free and soft pure water is sourced from the underground springs and the production of sake is natural, using only 4 simple ingredients: non-GMO rice, water, yeast, and koji, a mold that is used for breaking down starches into sugars.

Sake is mainly produced using traditional methods and TYKU is no different. First, the residual powder, left over from polishing the rice, is washed off. The rice is then steamed, before being sprinkled with koji mold and yeast and left to ferment. The liquid then gets pressed from the mixture and gets filtered. After pasteurization, the sake is matured in barrels for around 3 weeks before finally being bottled.

The award-winning TYKU Junmai Sake is a premium sake where 30% or more of the rice is polished off. Crafted from Akebono sake rice, it's meant to be enjoyed slightly chilled, unlike non-premium sake, which is often served hot to mask its harshness. Junmai sake represents the best 15% of all sake produced.

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Proof 30 (15% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name TYKU Sake & Spirits
Size 720mL
It's a subtle, delicate, and smooth profile with floral, earthy, and fruity aromas. There's a soft sweetness on the palate, along with pear and lychee notes. Finishes super pure.
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