Toji Junpei Tezukuri Shochu

Handcrafted in Japan in a traditional way from sweet potato and Koji rice, this is a delicate and subtly sweet shochu, made by a 5th generation shochu maker.
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The first bottle that was born under the hands of 5th generation shochu maker Kanemaru, Toji Junpei Tezukuri Shochu is crafted from edible sweet potato – Miyazaki Beni and Koji rice. This type of shochu, called satsuma-imo, is usually strong flavored but Kanemaru decided to do things differently. It's made with three key words in mind: delicate, harmony, and aftertaste. Bottled at 50 proof, it features a light nose and subtle sweetness, this stunning handcrafted shochu is best enjoyed on the rocks, with hot or cold water, or a soda.

Growing up at his family's sake brewery – Kanemaru Honten, which had been making miso, soy sauce, sake, and shochu since the Meiji era – in the city of Miyazaki, Japan, Junpei Kanemaru was born into the art of shochu making. In 2001, his family inherited the 19th century Kodama Jouzou distillery in Obi, Nichinan City, southern part of Miyazaki Prefecture, and after years of zymurgy studies at Tokyo University of Agriculture and trainings at sake breweries and shochu distilleries, Kanemaru took shochu-making to the new era as his family's fifth-generation shochu maker. All their shochu is made by hand.

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Proof 50 (25% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Kodama Distillery
Size 750mL
Clear color. A light and tropical nose with sweet aromas. The palate is subtly sweet with fine grained and light flavors. The finish is spicy.
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