The Hakushu 25 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

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Size700mL Proof86 (43% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
Deep in the forests of Mount Kaikomagatake, there's a precious Suntory-owned Hakushu distillery. It was established in 1973, and they’re hell-bent on making our tastebuds roar in expectation with every dram they make.
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Limited Edition

About The Hakushu 25 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

Hakushu’s 25 Year Old Limited Edition is lauded as one of the best whiskies in the world by everyone and their mother. In 2016, it was named The Best Japanese Single Malt by the judges at the WWA. It’s also an insanely limited offering that’s sealed with a five-cord Mizuhiki, the symbol of Japanese hospitality.

Treat yourself to this splendid gem now!

About Hakushu

In February 1899, Shinjiro Torii — the father of Japanese Whisky — opened a general store in Osaka, Japan, that traded in imported wines. Within a decade, Torii began producing his own sweet grape wine called Akadama Port Wine, which became wildly popular throughout the country. Following World War I, Torri — fascinated by whisky his entire life — decided to expand his business and began constructing the Yamazaki Distillery, Japan's first-ever whiskey distillery.

Fifty years after the construction of the Yamazaki Distillery, Keizo Saji inherited his father's vision and began construction of Suntory's second distillery. Although inspired by traditional Scottish distilleries, both Torii and Saji envisioned a uniquely Japanese approach to distilling whisky. As a result, the Hakushu Distillery is situated amidst the deep forests of Mount Kaikomagatake in Japan's southern Alps and enjoys a unique microclimate as a result of being surrounded by nearly 6,000 varieties of plants and thousand-year-old granite rocks.

About Japanese Whisky

Although maybe not be the first Spirit you would think of when Japan is mentioned; the Japanese make one of the best types of whisky in the world. It’s heavily influenced by scotch but with smoother and delicate notes.

The history of the Japanese whisky is not even a century old, but in this short time, the Japanese blended and single malts have taken over the world by storm and can easily go against their whisk(e)y counterparts from across the globe.

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The award-winning sensation starts with a smoky nose with notes of toffee, nutmeg - and rancio, which is usually found in cognac. The palate extends the smokiness and adds a rich sherried palate with hints of raspberries, walnut, rhubarb, and custard. The finish is long, unforgettable, and bittersweet.
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