Garrison Brothers Boot Flask Gift Pack

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Size750mL Proof94 (47% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
This gift pack contains two Boot Flasks (375ml bottles) of Garrison Brothers' award-winning bourbon and one Bottle Koozie, packaged in an attractive ammo-box tin container.
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About Garrison Brothers Boot Flask Gift Pack

Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey is made from organic corn, wheat, and barley. "We get about 30,000 pounds of corn, wheat and barley delivered a month," says Garrison. "The wheat comes from our own fields — we have 65 acres of wheat on the other side of the property." In addition, the corn is harvested from local fields in Texas while the barley is sourced from the Pacific Northwest.

Once the grains arrive at the distillery, they are milled and mashed before being fermented for four days. Following fermentation, the wash is distilled through an antique, copper pot still nicknamed the copper cowgirl. "She was made as an experimental still," says Garrison, "for Wild Turkey Distillery." After the bourbon has been distilled, it is aged in charred, American oak barrels. "The char softens the wood, and allows the bourbon to expand into the wood. When it gets hot — and it gets hot out here in Texas — that bourbon will soak deep into the wood and extract the chemical compounds that are in there.”

As a result of this aging process, the bourbon has a richness and depth of flavor that has brought the spirit several awards over the years. The Garrison Brothers Boot Flask is the same smooth, award-winning Garrison Bros bourbon, packaged for portability and ergonomically designed to slide into your back pocket — or fit inside your favorite pair of boots. This handy gift pack contains two 375ml boot flask bottles as well as a Bottle Koozie, packaged in an attractive tin container that resembles an ammo box.

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About Garrison Brothers

Situated on a rolling ranch in Texas Hill Country, Garrison Brothers Distillery was founded in 2005. The distillery is the oldest legal whiskey distillery in Texas. "Like everything in the Lone Star State, our dreams were big from the start," says Dan Garrison, the distillery's owner. "We didn't want to make just any bourbon "we wanted to make the best bourbon ever made."

About Bourbon

There are not many things more American than bourbon, and although most of it is produced in Kentucky, it can be produced all over the USA.
It must be made with at least 51% corn and bottled at 40% ABV or higher. So why not give this American classic a try?

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The nose opens with fruity apple, honey, cinnamon, and leather notes with a floral and grassy touch. The palate has orange zest, honeysuckle, cake, baking spices, citrus, and a pleasant sweetness that lasts through the long and complex finish that brings nuttiness into the mix.
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