Empirical Soka

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Size750mL Proof86 (43% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
This unique sorghum spirit is distilled from Kentucky sorghum canes and Wisconsin sorghum canes that are harvested in a unique way, ensuring maximum freshness. The vacuum-distilled spirit invokes both spring and fall with its aromas and flavors.
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About Empirical Soka

Copenhagen-based Empirical aims to experiment with the senses via spirits. Smells and flavors are linked with memories and Empirical has been exploring the connection since 2017. Launched in 2022, Empirical Soka is named after its defining ingredient: sorghum cane. They partnered with a farmer in Wisconsin, who improvised a way to harvest and press the cane while still in the fields, meaning that the juice comes to the fermentation tanks within an hour, ensuring maximum freshness. Soka is vacuum-distilled from fermented juice and Kentucky sorghum cane syrup. The juice brings green and fruity flavors of melon, cucumber, and apple, while the syrup adds hay and honey notes. The strain of yeast used accentuates the fruity aromas.

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About Empirical

Flavors and smells are inextricably linked with memories. Empirical is about conjuring those treasures memories of birthday cakes, grandparents' traditional dishes, and various experiences ― all via spirits. They push the boundaries of what is expected of food, meticulously researching and crafting unique flavors.

Empirical was founded in 2017 by Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen in Copenhagen, Denmark. Driven by curiosity, exploration, experimentation, and a constant need to improve. They have built custom machines, tinkered with hybrid fermentation and low-temperature distillation on their way to realize their vision. Sourcing the finest quality ingredients from across the globe is a given, they craft one spirit at a time, perfecting the flavors and aromas first.

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The nose has a balance of brighter and darker aromas of melon, green apple, and hay. The palate is fruity with melon, cucumber, and honey, as well as hints of brine and fermented grass.
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