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Booker's Backyard BBQ Straight Bourbon Whiskey

This huge octane BBQ Bourbon is inspired by Noe’s love for hosting cookouts or “Bourbon-ques” in his backyard.
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Following the end of the American Revolutionary War, Johannes Reginald Beam emigrated from Germany to the United States and eventually settled in Kentucky County. At the time, Kentucky County was still considered part of Virginia and was overseen by a military governor named John J. Bowman. After settling in Kentucky, Beam began harvesting corn and set forth a family tradition by distilling the excess grains he harvested into whiskey. Since then, seven generations of the Beam family have been involved in whiskey production for the eponymous company (the company is actually named after James Beam, who rescued it following Prohibition).

This high octane BBQ inspired Booker’s Bourbon is raw, uncut and unfiltered. This bourbon is the second release and iteration this year after “Kathleen’s Batch.” Comprised of barrels from six locations and three warehouses hand selected by Master Distiller Fred Noe on a cold spring day, this “Backyard BBQ” Bourbon is inspired by Noe’s love for hosting cookouts or “Bourbon-ques” in his backyard. At nearly 130 proof you can expect sweet, smoky notes of soft caramel, honey, cinnamon, and maple followed by smooth vanilla notes.

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Hints of soft caramel, maple, honey and cinnamon, vanilla slowing making its way to the roof of your mouth. The finish is smooth, warming and sweet.

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