Blackened Grab & Go Gift Pack


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Size750mL Proof90 (45% ABV)
The acclaimed collaboration between Metallica, the sound engineers at Meyer Sound, and Master Distiller Dave Pickerell uses a proprietary sound treatment during the maturation process. This gift pack comes with a velvet bag and personalizable hang-tag.

This product is available in: CA, CT, ND, TX Unfortunately, we can't ship to PO Boxes and APO addresses.


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About Blackened Grab & Go Gift Pack

The behemoths of heavy metal Metallica present Blackened American Whiskey, a blend of bourbon and rye whiskeys with an emphasis on the former. It was carefully selected by the late Master Distiller Dave Pickerell of WhistlePig fame, who is considered the founding father of craft distilling. Ever since he was a West Point student and later chemistry professor, Dave was interested in how sound could affect substances on a molecular level. They teamed up with Metallica and their long-time collaborators ― the innovating sound-engineering wizards Meyer Sound ― to create a special subwoofer that would transfer vibrations efficiently through the casks. They dubbed this proprietary process Black Noise, trademarked it, then proceeded to play tracks by Metallica ― chosen specifically for each batch by the band themselves ― to the whiskey.

The vibration helps each drop of liquid seep deeper into the wood, extracting flavors in the process, one heavy riff at a time. The result is a perfect balance of sweetness and rye spice, with additional fruity notes that come from finishing in black brandy casks. It's aged for more than 8 years and bottled at 90 proof. A Gold medal at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition is proof that the innovative approach has paid off. The Grab & Go Gift Pack features a full-size bottle of Blackened whiskey, a reusable velvet bag, and a personalizable hang-tag. It's the perfect gift for the whiskey and/or Metallica fan in your life.

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It is produced worldwide from scotch, Irish whiskey, bourbon, rye, Japanese whisky, and other types. Each has a distinct flavor profile due to numerous factors from different types of climate, ingredients, distilling methods, and the aging process.

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Contrary to its origin, the profile is incredibly smooth and delicate. There are notes of caramel, honey, and oak on the nose that give way to more honey, cinnamon, allspice, mint, and apricot on the palate. Finishes long and smooth, as well as creamy and sweet.
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