Belvedere Heritage 176 (1L)


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Size1000mL Proof80 (40% ABV)
This unique spirit harkens back to vodkas of old. It's a 100% rye vodka with a twist ― 2% of that is malted rye that is dried at 176 degrees Fahrenheit. The fire-kilned drying results in a richer, more complex spirit that is bottled at 80 proof.

This product is available in: CA, CT, NH, NJ, NY, ND, TX Unfortunately, we can't ship to PO Boxes and APO addresses.


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About Belvedere Heritage 176 (1L)

The Polmos Zyrardów distillery was founded in the heart of Poland in 1910. Produced using only rye and water, Belvedere Vodka is crafted from premium Dankowskie Rye, a resilient grain that withstands harsh Polish winters, sourced from the Mazovian plains of Poland and artesian well water.

Belvedere is the end result of six centuries of Polish vodka tradition. Belvedere, which means "beautiful to see" is named after the Belweder Palace in Warsaw, which adorns every bottle as a reminder of the brand’s heritage. The vodka is quadruple-distilled to bolster its purity, and is completely free of additives, including sugar or glycerin. Belvedere Vodka has one of the most awarded luxury vodka portfolios, recognized by the likes of the Vodka Masters, Vodka Awards, and the International Spirits Challenge. They also are involved in humanitarian causes to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Heritage 176 is a unique type of spirit from the hands of their Master Rye Distillers. It draws from production processes of the past, when Polish vodka involved fire-kilned drying at the malting stage. This means that the spirit was richer than the neutral vodka produced today using modern technology. The name is a reference to the 176 degrees Fahrenheit ― the temperature of the kilns. The 100% rye vodka uses 2% of malted rye in the recipe, resulting in a sweeter, fuller, and more complex drink. Bottled at 80 proof, the expression received 94 points from Ultimate Spirits Challenge in 2020.

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The nose has rye bread, nutty notes, honey, cream, and allspice. The full-bodied palate mirrors those notes nicely with the addition of toffee and sweet spice. It finishes smooth and creamy with a balance of toffee, nuts, allspice, and malted rye sweetness.
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