BarSol Pisco Supremo Mosto Verde Italia

This traditional grape juice brandy or pisco is distilled in Peru from Italia grapes. "Mosto Verde" refers to the must being only partially fermented before distillation, which results in the delicate and bright fruity and juicy notes of the grape to truly shine.
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Pisco is a type of brandy that is distilled in Peru and Chile using grape juice. BarSol is the premier artisanal pisco from Peru. Distilled at the Bodega San Isidro from the pisco grapes of the Valley of Ica, it's the brainchild of Diego Loret de Mola and Carlos Ferreyros. BarSol uses the classic pisco pot distillation method traditionally practiced in Peru since the 16th century. Hand-crafted in small batches and estate-bottled, BarSol is bottled at proof. The grape juice is fermented into wine before being distilled, creating an exceptional spirit of exquisite purity, clarity, and smoothness. Bodega San Isidro is built on decades upon decades of tradition, having been established in the 1800s.

Grapes are the only ingredient, meaning there is nothing added at any stage of the process — not even water. Once the grapes from the vineyards surrounding the distillery are at their peak maturity, they are picked and pressed gently using only their own weight, extracting the "yemma" or free-flow grape juice. This process results in a softer spirit. After wild fermentation with naturally-occurring yeast, the juice is distilled a single time to bottle strength, before being aged for a year in neutral containers that preserve the purity of the delicate and aromatic spirit.

"Mosto Verde" ("green must" in Spanish) refers to the technique where the wine is distilled before the fermentation is complete, which is said to preserve the fresh, fruity, and floral aromas of the grape. BarSol Pisco Supremo Mosto Verde Italia is crafted with the Italia grape varietal is known for its fruitiness and juiciness which are able to shine through beautifully in this rich and smooth 41.8-proof spirit.

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Proof 82 (41% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Bodega San Isidro
Size 750mL
The nose is fruity and bright with aromas of pear and citrus. It's rich, elegant, and equally fruity on the palate with a delicate balance of sweet, sour, and bitter notes. The finish is long and smooth with plenty of lingering fruit notes and a gentle spiciness.
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