Awayuki Strawberry Flavored Japanese Gin

Crafted in Japan using 100% grain alcohol and some of the most precious and rare strawberries in the world, this deliciously aromatic gin is bottled at 88 proof.
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The Japanese Umenoyado Brewery is located in Katuragi City, near Nara, known as "The Birthplace of Sake". The brewery has won the prestigious Japanese sake competition Zenkoku Shinshi Kanpyo Kai 10 times. The rural area is perfect for growing rice due to the unique climate with high temperature extremes and fertile land.

The Umenoyado Brewery has been overseen by the Yoshida Family for 5 generations and is currently run by Kayo Yoshida, the first female brewery owner in Nara. The iron-free and soft pure water is sourced from the underground springs and the production of sake is natural, using only 4 simple ingredients: non-GMO rice, water, yeast. and koji, a mold that is used for breaking down starches into sugars.

Awayuki Strawberry Flavored Japanese Gin is distilled from 100% grain and infused with pink and white strawberries from the region. These strawberries are among the most precious and rare in the world. Awayuki, white pearl, and Kotoka strawberries are hand-grown and harvested at peak ripeness, their aromatic sweetness famous across the globe. These luscious strawberries elevate the earthy, juniper-forward flavor profile of the 88-proof gin.

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Proof 88 (44% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Umenoyado Brewery
Size 750mL
The gin is juniper-forward and earthy with citrus and floral undertones. The precious strawberries elevate the spirit with a luscious sweetness, making for an extremely aromatic, yet gentle gin.
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