Yola 1971 Mezcal Joven

Yola Jimenez took over her grandfather's mezcal farm in Oaxaca, Mexico, and founded an all-women, family-owned business. Using her grandfather's original recipe from 1971 and sustainable distilling practices, Yola Mezcal is hand-made from a unique combination of agave species. This fresh, but complex bottle preserves tradition all while bringing forward cutting-edge methods.
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Born and raised in Mexico City, Yola Jimenez inherited her grandfather's passion for mezcal. After her bar, where she mainly sold her grandfather's products, gained in popularity, she decided to embark upon a mezcal making journey and take over her grandfather's mezcal farm in Oaxaca where she employed only women to distill, bottle and sell mezcal, providing noble work and economic independence for Oaxacan women. The production follows the principles of sustainability, supporting local reforestarion funds and using low wood distilling, solar power and rainwater catchment systems. The whole process from plant to bottle is natural and artisanal with zero artifical substances. After Yola Jimenez was introduced to singer Lykke Li and chef Gina Correll Aglietti, the three women first became friends, then business partners and this is how Yola Mezcal was born, a widely successful, all-female, family business that follows her grandfather's original recipe from 1971.

Hand crafted in San Juan Del Rio in Oaxaca, Yola Mezcal is made from a special combination of organic espadin and madre-cuixe blend fully ripe agave, reaching 7-10 years. Agaves are roasted in an earthen conical oven for 75 hours in the warmer months and for 96 hours in the fall and winter, which is 24 hours longer than with most mezcals. The roasted agave is then ground with stone mill and fermented in open air oak barrels, using natural yeast and filtered spring and rain water for 6 days. The mash is double-distilled in copper pot stills to proof, with the first distillation taking 10 hours and the second being a bit slower, taking as long as 15 hours. Yola Mezcal is distilled to proof under the hands of Maestros Javier Bautista and Guadalupe Bautista and then hand bottled at the source. It preserves long centuries of tradition all while incorporating modern and sustainable distilling methods, making it unimitable. This is a refreshing, but beautifully complex mezcal bottle, made by women for everyone who appreciates the art of mezcal.

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Proof 90 (45% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Yola Mezcal
Size 750mL
Clean agave aromas greet you on the nose. The palate is refreshing, but complex. Smoky flavors are beautifully balanced with earthy mineral notes. The finish is long with notes from nearby citrus and fruit groves.
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