Solbeso Original

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Size750mL Proof80 (40% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
Handcrafted in South America, Solbeso is a super premium spirit made from fresh cacao fruit.
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About Solbeso Original

Cacao is also known as the Food of the Gods for its perceived effects on health and happiness. For thousands of years, South American peoples have revered it as an aphrodisiac, making beverages for consumption before conquests and trading in cacao beans as a currency. Today the cacao bean is the base for all real chocolate.

Solbeso, which comes from cacao fruit, is a completely new type of alcohol. The legendary cacao fruit, rich in natural stimulants, is fermented and craft-distilled to make a super-premium, clear 80-proof spirit with a unique character and taste. Solbeso has enough versatility to be enjoyed both over ice and in classic cocktails, adding a new color to the palette and new vitality to crafted drinks.

First discovered in the tropics of northern Peru, Solbeso comes to life from a special blend of priced aromatic cacao fruit, hand-selected for intensity and character. Solbeso contains many of the stimulants found in raw cacao, including naturally-occurring caffeine and theobromine, however there is no taste of chocolate as the fresh fruit must be captured before the cocoa powder process is initiated. The highly perishable fruit open-air ferments directly at the source using natural and Champagne yeast to develop the distinctive flavor and character. It is then twice-distilled using custom-made copper alembics to help concentrate the aromas and complete the unique process of refining the flavor into an incredibly smooth spirit.

About Solbeso

Naturally organic and 100% pure, the cacao fruit used for Solbeso is harvested at fair-trade family farms in remote regions of Ecuador and Peru, where cacao has been a way of life for centuries. Local farmers harvest the bean to make cocoa powder, discarding the fruit in the process as a by-product of chocolate-making. Giving new life and opportunity for this by-product, Solbeso works directly with growers and trade organizations to reclaim and process the fruit into a completely new and unique type of spirit, providing much needed income and education to local communities in the process.

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Floral aroma and light citrus taste with hints of honeysuckle and orange blossom. Zesty in feel and clean in finish.
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