Rebel Root Beer Whiskey

This flavored whisky features the original 1849 Rebel Straight Bourbon Whiskey, infused with root beer flavor and caramel color.
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Rebel Bourbon's history dates back to 1849 when William Larue Weller of the W. L. Weller & Sons Company invented the famous recipe that pioneered a wheat-based mash bill to replace rye. This very recipe represented a base for many famous bourbons that were later produced at the Stitzel-Weller distillery. In 1936, the "Rebel Yell" brand was officially registered as a brand of Kentucky bourbon by a former Louisville mayor Charles F. Farnsley.

At the time, only limited batches of bourbon were available exclusively for distribution in the southern United States. In the 1980s, this changed when Rebel Bourbon was acquired by LUXCO Spirited Brands. This was also the decade when Rebel Bourbon, at the time still known under the Rebel Yell brand, became popular with rock stars such as Keith Richards, introducing the bourbon to Billy Idol who later dedicated a whole song to the Rebel Yell bottle. Throughout the years, Rebel Bourbon has remained loyal to its rebellious roots and today, more than 150 years later, it is produced at Lux Row Distillers in Bardstown, Kentucky, the birthplace of bourbon – bringing together its heritage and modern tastes.

An original and bold new expression, Rebel Root Beer Whiskey is based on their Original Straight Bourbon Whiskey, crafted with the same mash bill of corn, wheat and malt from the original 1849 recipe. Before bottling at 70 proof, however, natural root beer flavor and caramel color are added. Besides the rich root flavors and sweet vanilla and caramel notes, you'll also be delighted by a touch of spice. A great example of what root beer whiskey should taste like.

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Proof 70 (35% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Lux Row Distillers
Size 750mL
Distinct notes of root beer greet you on the nose. The palate is sweet with notes of caramel and vanilla. The finish is long and pleasant.
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