Owney's Blend New York City Rum

A mix of Owney's Original and sugar cane-based aged rum from the Dominican Republic, this unique blended rum is silky smooth with a touch of that NY edge. Produced in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
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A combination of Owney's Original New York City Rum and sugar cane-based aged rum from the Dominican Republic, Owney's Blend is a premium rum that's silky smooth yet delivers some of that NY edge. Inspired by the Prohibition era when “rum runners” used to smuggle aged Caribbean rums and blend them, this is the modern interpretation of this unique tradition. When mixing Owney’s Original and filtered cask-strength Dominican Rum, color is removed, and the Brooklyn distillate is allowed to shine through. The result is an intriguing tropical concoction with flavors of sugar cane, baking spices, nutty and mineral notes leading the dance.

Located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and founded by Bridget Firtle, The Noble Experiment was inspired by history with a vision to revive the rum distilling tradition in New York City. It’s named after famous New York City hustler Owen “Owney” Madden, an English immigrant who came to New York City at a tender age of 11 and quickly earned a reputation as a fierce fighter. Madden became involved in bootlegging spirits — primarily rum, and he established a territory in Hells Kitchen, eventually acquiring New York City's flashiest speakeasies and nightclubs, including the legendary Cotton Club in Harlem.

Madden’s thirst for excitement, together with his "swagger, made him a perfect fit for a life of slinging homemade and hijacked spirits," says Master Distiller Bridget Firtle who founded The Noble Experiment in 2012. Firtle oversees every step of rum production. After she mashes the molasses, she ferments the mash using a proprietary strain of yeast at low temperatures for approximately five days. "Fermentation is incredibly important when making a rum", she says. "That's why we regulate the temperature when fermenting our molasses — we want to keep the environment cool and our yeast happy."

After fermentation, the wash is distilled through a custom-made 265-gallon copper pot still nicknamed Cleo. Firtle then brings the rum to proof using legendary New York City tap water and fills and labels each bottle by hand.

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Proof 80 (40% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name The Noble Experiment NYC
Size 750mL
The nose greets with banana, vanilla, and caramel. The palate is packed with flavors of sugar cane, baking spices, nutty and mineral notes. The finish is dry and clean.
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