Smooth Ambler Old Scout Ten 10 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Aged for 10 years, this bourbon is brought to proof with water that is naturally filtered through West Virginia limestone.
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Situated in the rolling Appalachian hills of West Virginia, Smooth Ambler Spirits is the brainchild of Tag Galyean and John Little. "We have just always been passionate about having a good drink," says Galyean, "and once we figured out how to enjoy spirits, that passion turned into having and being able to make them."Smooth Ambler Spirits is situated in a 5,200 square-foot warehouse in the outskirts of Greenbrier County and is dominated by a 500-gallon Christian Carl copper-pot still imported from Germany.

Smooth Ambler Old Scout Ten 10 Year Old Bourbon is a sourced bourbon made from a mash of 60% corn, 36% rye and 4% malted barley. The use of rye as the secondary ingredient, as opposed to malted barley or wheat, imparts a slightly spicier and more bold flavor profile to the bourbon. Once the bourbon has aged for a minimum of ten years in new, American oak casks, Galyean and Little carefully bring it to proof with pure mountain spring water. The water they use travels through West Virginia's mountains and valleys, before being filtered by limestone that originated during the Mississippian geologic period. This limestone-enriched water adds mineral, earthy notes to the bourbon, which are complemented by touches of sweet, roasted corn, vanilla and oak.

"We're not a big guy pretending to be a little guy and all this looks really quaint," says Galyean, looking around his distillery. "We want you to know that you're drinking something that has really been tended over and shepherded."

Try a unique, shepherded bourbon today!

More Information
Proof 100 (50% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Smooth Ambler Spirits
Size 750mL
Aroma of corn and vanilla, with a touch of dried apple. Initial notes of roasted corn and nutty dough are complemented by hints of vanilla, oak, spicy rye and earthy minerals. Finish is long and slightly sweet.
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