New Riff Maltster Bottled in Bond Malted Wheat Bourbon Whiskey

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Size750mL Proof100 (50% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
Maltster Malted Wheat Bourbon is New Riff’s bold take on Kentucky straight bourbon made with a mash bill of 65% corn, 18% bohemian floor-malted wheat, 10% unmalted wheat, and 7% dark wheat. The bourbon is bottled in bond, matured for a minimum of five years, and non-chill filtered.
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About New Riff Maltster Bottled in Bond Malted Wheat Bourbon Whiskey

New Riff is an independent, family-owned distillery from Newport, Kentucky, on a mission to someday be counted among the world’s great small distilleries. Founded in 2014 by Ken Lewis, a visionary Kentucky liquor retailer and entrepreneur, the distillery is a New Riff on the old tradition of Kentucky bourbon. New Riff crafts a range of whiskeys—bourbon, rye, and malted rye, and a host of specialty recipes—as well as Kentucky Wild Gin. The independence allowed the distillery to make an unforeseen declaration for quality by committing itself exclusively to the quality standard set by the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897. Aside from barrel proof single barrel bottlings, all its whiskey is bottled in bond. When selecting the barrels, New Riff took the advice of Larry Ebersold to start with only the basic, standard issue Bourbon barrel to obtain a baseline with a few years of aging. Today, the distillery uses 100% toasted oak, along with a few barrels using extra-air-drying on the staves to deliver a complex, comprehensive array of maturation influence upon its whiskeys.

Inspired by the great Bourbon makers of the past and the wider tradition in Kentucky, the distillery applies its sour mash Kentucky regimen to its standard range of bottled in bond without chill filtration, as well as wholly new styles of Kentucky whiskey. From the very beginnings, the design of New Riff's incorporated the ability to add any bag of grain into the recipes. The auxiliary grain conveyor is usually used to add 50-lb bags of malted rye into the standard New Riff Rye Whiskey, but also to make a new riff on classic whiskey traditions. Maltster is New Riff's project that explores different malted grains used in a bourbon recipe. The distilling team delved into their background as craft brewers and devised a couple of magical recipes: malted rye bourbon and malted wheat bourbon. These unique mash bills offer bold interpretations of traditional bourbon styles, from a refined and sophisticated rye experience to a darker and deeper version of wheated bourbon.

New Riff’s Maltster Malted Wheat Bourbon is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey made with a mash bill of 65% corn, 18% bohemian floor-malted wheat, 10% unmalted wheat, and 7% dark wheat. The bourbon is aged at least 5 years, and bottled at 100 proof without chill filtration.

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About Bourbon

There are not many things more American than bourbon, and although most of it is produced in Kentucky, it can be produced all over the USA.
It must be made with at least 51% corn and bottled at 40% ABV or higher. So why not give this American classic a try?

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The nose opens with dark grain-husk and bready notes, but is also okay, tending dry with a bit of confection. A splash of water releases a whiff of dark fruit. The palate is large-scaled and full-bodied, dryish, with plenty of oak backed by grainy depth, and dark fruit appearing in the mid-palate, partly hidden by the oak. It finishes with hints of wood spice, bread crust, and grassy-grainy minerals.
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