Mr. Black Coffee Amaro

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Size750mL Proof57 (28.5% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
Mr Black Coffee Amaro is a coffee liqueur inspired by Italy’s after-dinner drink tradition and Australia’s coffee culture. It is made by combining the award-winning Mr. Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur with a rich and complex blend of 14 botanicals.
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About Mr. Black Coffee Amaro

Mr Black Coffee Amaro is a bitter liqueur inspired by Italy’s after-dinner drink tradition and Australia’s coffee culture. Created by Mr Black Master Distiller, this special edition liqueur combines Moore's love of fine coffee, and his three decades of botanical exploration. Cold brew for this expression is made from 100% specialty Arabica, creating the perfect base for a modern Amaro with its bittersweet notes. The base in the form of the award-winning Mr. Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur is combined with a rich and complex blend of 14 botanicals, such as orange, lemon, grapefruit, gentian, caraway, licorice root, cardamom and macadamia. It is made with no artificial flavoring or sugars, and bottled at 28.5% ABV.

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About Mr. Black

For some, coffee is more than caffeine. It’s a religion, a ritual, it’s culture. Many nations have their versions of coffee fortified with liquor, Italians have their caffè corretto (corrected coffee), in Spain and several Latin American countries you can order a carajillo, and adding Irish whiskey and sugar to coffee and topping it with cream gives you a delicious beverage called Irish coffee. When awarded-distiller Philip Moore and designer-turned-coffee-snob Tom Baker decided to put coffee and spirits together they wanted to inspire people to take their love of coffee into their evening drinks, and to care as much about coffee liqueur as they do about their morning cup.

Mr Black Roasters & Distillers was founded in 2013 and has since grown to encompass a team of over 30 roasters, distillers, baristas and fanatics, preaching the virtues of coffee after dark. At the coffee roastery and distillery just north of Sydney, Australia, each and every bottle of Mr Black coffee liqueur is made by hand. The roasters ethically source specialty coffee beans from the best growing regions to create complex spirits that are bold, balanced and unapologetically coffee. Using a proprietary cold brew process, the Head of Coffee, Detlef Mohr captures the flavors of the freshly roasted coffee in liquid form. This base is then turned into delicious liqueurs by Master Distiller Philip Moore.

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On the nose, the bitterness of coffee is balanced with fresh citrus and sweetness of the licorice. Coffee carries on to the palate, joined by herbaceous notes, and to the smooth finish.
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