Mortlach 30 Year Old Midnight Malt Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Size700mL Proof98.2 (49.1% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
Midnight Malt 30 Years is the richest expression of the Mortlach Single Malts to date. Rested in barrels of American and European Oak, and then split into Bordeaux wine, Calvados and Guatemalan rum seasoned casks just to be remarried again, it is packed with layers of flavor.
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About Mortlach 30 Year Old Midnight Malt Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Mortlach creates extremely rich and refined single malts, and the pinnacle of them all is the 30 Year Old Midnight Single Malt. When the whiskey was launched, it was accompanied by these words: "When day transcends to night, light changes and shadows emerge. Mortlach Midnight Malt captures the feeling of this moment. Unexpected layers of richness and intensity emerge from a three-cask finish of bold provenance." For a brand whiskey that is already known for its rich seductiveness, it set expectations high.

But the Mortlach’s Midnight Malt didn’t fall short. Rested in the combination of American and European Oak, it was then split to finish in casks, seasoned with Bordeaux wine, Calvados, and Guatemalan rum. The whisky was married again in custom quarter casks. The final result is a deep, dark whisky that reveals all of its layers of flavor slowly through the darkest hours of the night. Its release is limited to just 350 bottles annually.

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About Mortlach

Situated in the heart of the Speyside region of Scotland, Dufftown is known as the Whisky Capital of the World. The village, which produces more malt whisky than any other town in Scotland, is home to seven distilleries, the oldest of which is Mortlach Distillery.

Mortlach Distillery was founded in 1823 by James Findlater, together with his friends Alexander Gordon and James Macintosh. In 1831, however, Findlater sold the distillery to John Robertson for the paltry sum of ₤270. In 1837, it was sold again to John and James Grant, who dismantled the distilling equipment and shuttered the doors to the distillery. For the next two decades, the building was used first as a brewery, and then, rather curiously, a church. In 1851, however, the distillery began producing whisky once more. Even at the time, it was an impressive distillery, according to the Wine & Spirits Trade Record. The distillery had two still-houses: "in one there are three old-fashioned stills…in the other there are three larger stills, installed in 1897." The distillery also had "four gigantic malt floors, and the largest mash tun in the district."

In 1964, the distillery was largely rebuilt and today houses a unique configuration of six stills. The stills — three wash stills and three spirit stills — are each different shapes and sizes (one still is nicknamed "Wee Witchie" because it is shaped like a witch’s cap), and aren’t paired together. This unusual configuration, together with the partial triple distillation method used at Mortlach Distillery, produces a whisky that is full-bodied and meaty.

About Scotch

Scotch is the most popular whisky in the world and is considered the king of them all! There are five whisky regions in Scotland (six if you count the not officially recognized Islands), and each of them produces spirits with unique properties and distinct tasting notes. (The type of grain used determents the type of the scotch.)

Malt whisky is made of malted barley, and grain whisky uses other grains like corn or wheat. Most of the time, a whisky is blended from different distilleries hence the name blended scotch, but if a malt whisky is produced in a single distillery, we get something extraordinary called a single malt.

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The nose has some initial prickle that settles into savory and herbal notes, along with vanilla and spice. Notes of wine-soaked apples, baking spices, black pepper, mint chocolate, and dried fruit fill the palate. The finish is long and deep-flavored.
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