Mizu Shochu Green Tea

A spring expression of concentrated Mizu Green Tea Shochu from Munemasa Shuzo, Japan. Made from two-rowed barley, black koji rice and Ureshino green tea leaves.
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Mizu is made at the Munemasa Shuzo Co. distillery in Arita, Japan. Established in 1985, it's rooted in a rich heritage of artisanship as the Munemasa family opened a small sake brewery over 120 years ago in Hiroshima, but due to WWII, it had to close. Today, the distillery is located in the Saga prefecture in the small town of Arita, the birthplace of Japanese porcelain, where pristine waters and rich farmland provide ideal conditions for distilling. Munemasa Shuzo is closely intertwined with local flavors, harvests and soft waters. "Creating harmony between the land, farmer and distillery", all their ingredients are sourced from nearby farms and Master Distiller (toji) Hirofumi Okoba cultivates close relationships with local farmers.

Producing handcrafted, single distilled traditional Japanese shochu, their Mizu Shochu is more concentrated than the average modern shochu. Bottled at 70 proof, this higher concentration pays homage to old styles of shochu and brings out the spirit's subtle complexities.

Mizu Green Tea Shochu is their seasonal expression, distilled in very small batches in a short time window in the spring as green tea is grown in the spring and picked in the first week of June. This special shochu is made in the traditional way and single distilled from a mash of locally harvested two-rowed barley, black koji rice and Ureshino green tea leaves. If you need tasting suggestions, you can enjoy it neat in a small snifter, with a splash of cold or hot water or mixed with soda water over ice.

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Proof 70 (35% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Munemasa Shuzo Distillery
Size 750mL
Right away, there’s rich and fragrant aromas with notes of matcha, passion fruit, nori and cacao. The palate is smooth and buttery with notes of green tea ice cream, chocolate, banana and a touch of white peach. The finish is lingering.
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