Legs Diamond Whiskey

Named after notorious bootlegger Jack "Legs"Diamond, this whiskey earned a score of 92 points by The Tasting Panel Magazine.
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Jack Diamond is little remembered today, but during Prohibition, he rivaled Al Capone as the most famous gangster in the United States. In 1931, Diamond appeared in The New York Times on 103 different occasions — 19 of which were on the front page.

Born in July 1897 to parents of Irish ancestry, Diamond was first arrested for breaking into a jewelry store when he was just 16 years old. He spent the next five years of his life in and out of prison and in the late 1920's, began bootlegging spirits from Europe. Diamond would partially fill casks of rye whisky from Scotland and Ireland and transport them to the United States on board his boat. As the boat sailed into New York harbour, Diamond would dump the casks overboard so as to avoid getting caught by the authorities. The casks would float onshore, and children were paid a nickel for every cask they brought to one of Diamond's trucks.

Diamond survived a number of attempts on his life between 1916 and 1931, earning himself the nickname "Legs." In 1930, Diamond's arch nemesis, Dutch Schultz, remarked to his own gang, "Ain't there nobody that can shoot this guy so he don't bounce back?"

David Nahmias, master distiller at Nahmias et Fils Distillery in New York, pays homage to Diamond's flamboyant and energetic lifestyle with Legs Diamond Whiskey. Legs Diamond is made from a mash of 100% organic rye, which Nahmias sources from local, sustainable farmers in New York. After fermenting the mash for approximately five days, Nahmias distills it in his 1,000 liter, 4-plate Kothe copper pot still.

After distillation, each bottle of Legs Diamond Whiskey is brought to proof and corked by hand. The bottle's unique wavelength icon was designed by Nancy Harris Rouemy — the former art director at The New York Times Magazine — and each bottle is made by a sustainably-focused manufacturer.

Awarded 92 points by The Tasting Panel Magazine and certified kosher, Legs Diamond Whiskey is much like the man himself — energetic and intense, but surprisingly smooth and with a touch of sweetness. Pick up a bottle today or we'll send Legs after you!

More Information
Proof 80 (40V)
Distiller/Bottler Name Nahmias et Fils Distillery
Size 750mL
Nose of dough, buttery bread and nuts. Smooth with a hint of sweetness. Flavors of rye, dough and flour predominate.
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