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Fluid Dynamics Rye Manhattan

From the Fluid Dynamics range of barrel aged cocktails, this richly decadent Rye Manhattan is “maybe the best drink you ever had.” —Craft Distillers
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Over three decades ago, Ansley Coale picked up a hitchhiker along Route 101 just north of San Francisco. The hitchhiker — Hubert Germain-Robin — was of French origin and came from a family that had been producing cognac since 1782. As the two drove northward in Coale's car, Hubert spoke of his family's background in distillation. "Hubert wanted to distill using craft methods handed down for centuries from master to apprentice," recalls Coale, who eventually teamed up with the hitchhiker to found Craft Distillers in 2003.

After purchasing an antique cognac still from an abandoned distillery, Hubert and Coale built a redwood shed in northern California and began distilling spirits. The Fluid Dynamics range from Craft Distillers is comprised of barrel-aged cocktails made from craft-method spirits, and blended and aged in the Germain-Robin brandy cellars. Their blenders and distillers are essentially alchemists, who inhabit a deep understanding of the spirits they produce, from the flavors and aromas, to how the liquid interacts with the barrel. Fluid dynamics recipes involve a lot of experimentation with blends and take several months to develop.

Crafted from whiskey distilled through a 16Hl antique cognac still, and rested for six weeks, Rye Manhattan is a richly decadent mix of Low Gap’s award-winning Rye whiskey and Andy Quady’s Vya sweet vermouth. Drink it straight or add just a dash of your own bitters for a more customized libation.

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A subtle spice on the nose and a honeyed complexity on the palate, with barely a trace of alcohol, the bold rye is strikingly subtle as it plays off of the vermouth, both elements complement each other to create a truly balanced smooth drink.

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