Daddy Rack Tennessee Straight Whiskey

Crafted with corn from local farmers, this whiskey is double-mellowed through maple charcoal using the Lincoln County process. Aged at least 3 years, it's a smooth and mellow spirit with no coloring, caramel, or additives of any kind.
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J. Arthur Rackham was born on Portobello Road, West London, right above his fathers liquor store. He started his apprenticeship with the Camus family in Cognac, setting him on a 40-year career in the spirits industry. It was there that the experienced mentors started shaping him into the master maker and blender of premium spirits, gaining special expertise in cognac, armagnac, and calvados, as well as gin, most recently. Nicknamed "Daddy Rack" by his eldest daughter, he has now teamed up with experienced cellarmasters and distillers to create Daddy Rack Tennessee Straight Whiskey.

It all starts with high-quality ingredients. The high-grade corn comes from local farmers, all within 50 miles from the distillery. The mash bill consists of 80% corn, 10% rye, and 10% malted barley. After the 72-hour sour mash comes the double distillation in a copper column still and a second pot still. The liquid is then filtered using the Lincoln County process, passing through sugar maple charcoal, mellowing it. The spirit then goes into carefully-picked lightly-charred new American white oak white barrels for a minimum of 3 years.

Once the aging is complete, 20 barrels get chosen for each batch, the liquid going for another round of filtration. The barrels then get blended using an original recipe. Bottled at 80 proof, no coloring, caramel, or additives of any kind find their way into the finished whiskey.

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Proof 80 (40% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Undisclosed
Size 750mL
There are aromas of maple, honey, light oak, and caramelized banana on the nose. Smooth and buttery, there's roasted apple, banana, vanilla, and nutmeg on the palate. Finishes rich and warm with a lingering salted popcorn note.
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