Corte Vetusto Mezcal Ensamble II

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Size750mL Proof87 (43.5% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
Crafted with a blend of 3 agaves ― Espadin, tobala, and Karwinskii (madrecuishe) ― this limited-edition mezcal showcases the skill of 4th generation mezcalero Juan Carlos Gonzalez Diaz with several prestigious awards to show for it.
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About Corte Vetusto Mezcal Ensamble II

This limited-edition expression is the second Ensemble mezcal produced by Corte Vetusto. "Ensemble" stands for "blend", meaning that different agave varieties are used. Espadin, tobala, and Karwinskii (madrecuishe) agaves are used in equal parts in the recipe. The production methods are traditional with the cooking taking place in a rock-lined pit oven for 3 to 5 days. Then they are crushed using a horse-pulled stone mill, before being left to ferment naturally for 1 to 2 weeks in open-air wooden vats. The double distillation process is unique with the first distillation taking place in a copper pot still and the second in a smaller clay pot still. The spirit is distilled to proof ― 87 proof, to be exact. The mezcal has several awards under its belt, including a Gold Medal and "Best in Class" from the American Distilling Institute, a Double Gold Medal and Trophy from the 2020 International Spirits Challenge.

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About Corte Vetusto

El Corte Vetusto ― "the ancient cut" in Spanish ― takes its inspiration from Zapotec legends. It is said that the god of thunder Cocijo struck the Oaxacan valleys with lightning, filling the air with the sweet and smoky aromas of agave. The local mezcaleros have been perfecting their craft for centuries, trying to recreate "the ancient cut" ― a cut of mezcal worthy of that moment, worthy of the gods. They go about it the natural way, as tradition would have it.

In charge of Corte Vetusto mezcal is Juan Carlos Gonzalez Diaz, 4th generation mezcalero. He has been invested in the process since childhood, first watching his father learn the craft, then eventually taking up the mantle himself. The art, wisdom, and skill are in his blood, having been passed down from his great grandfather Don Mauro. Developing his own style over the years and leaving behind the life as an architect, Carlos heard the call of mezcal once again. Enlisting the help (and machete) of Don Santiago, they produce hand-crafted artisanal mezcal of the finest quality using traditional methods: harvesting by hand, slow-roasting in earthen fire pits, open-air fermentation in wooden vats, and double distillation in copper or clay stills.

About Mezcal

Mezcal is a distilled spirit made from roasted agave plants between two days and two weeks, which gives it a distinct smokey flavor.
What scotch is for whisk(e)y, mezcal is for tequila.

It can be made from different types of agave in different parts of Mexico, but most of it (60%) comes from the state of Oaxaca. Mezcal offers a large diversity of flavor profiles and ranges between 40 and 55% ABV.

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The nose opens with bright and fruity aromas of apple and mango. Caramel, wood spice, and smoke notes bring plenty of complexity. The palate has roasted agave, herbs, grapefruit zest, minerality, and chocolate. It's a long, creamy, and earthy finish with lingering smoke.
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