Coppersea Big Angus Green Malt Whisky

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Size375mL Proof96 (48% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
Crafted from 100% un-kilned "green" two-row barley malt, Big Angus is a tribute to Angus MacDonald, Coppersea’s founding Master Distiller.
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About Coppersea Big Angus Green Malt Whisky

This special process allows the grain to sprout over the course of five days, converting starch into precious sugars and enzymes which are needed to feed the yeast that’s added during fermentation. While risky — the grain can mold if left moist for too long — the payoff is big, producing a uniquely aromatic spirit full of fresh, hearty flavor. Coppersea is one of the rare distilleries in the world that malts its grain in-house.

Coppersea whiskies are double distilled using a fire copper technique, directly firing their still to create flavors that would otherwise be left out in a steam-jacketed distillation. Direct firing allows the mash to caramelize as it cooks, giving Coppersea spirits an enhanced flavor profile that lends itself to a rich mouthfeel and depth of complexity and flavor.

Big Angus Whisky is an oak-aged single malt, crafted from 100% un-kilned "green" two-row barley malt. Traditionally, malted grains are kiln-dried after the undergo the germination process, which generates nutty flavors and aromas, making it non-perishable and better for storage and shipping.

Coppersea is one of the rare distilleries in the world that malts its grain in-house, because of this, their fresh green malt is available for use immediately, which preserves the herbaceous, earthy qualities that are typically lost during kilning. A true farm-to-glass distillery, this ancient style of production is what makes Coppersea distillery so unique. Big Angus is a tribute to Angus MacDonald, Coppersea’s founding Master Distiller.

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About Coppersea

Named for the sea of copper stills that dotted New York’s Hudson Valley throughout the 19th century — before Prohibition, the region was a bonafide hub for whiskey distilling — Coppersea Distillery strives to produce spirits in a manner reminiscent of those 19th century New York farmstead distilleries. "We are trying to get back to the roots of American whisky — what it tasted like prior to the industrialization of the process, when it was still a homespun, agricultural product like cheese or cured meats," explains Christopher Briar Williams, chief distiller.

Situated in New Paltz near the Mohonk Preserve in the Hudson Valley, Coppersea’s "heritage distilling" includes a green malting process which has been little used in the past 300 years. While most distilleries purchase their grain already malted and dried, Coppersea floor malts its grain — all of which is sourced locally — at the distillery and is one of only a handful of distilleries to still use this technique.

About American Whiskey

There are two main representatives of the American whiskey family, bourbon, and rye, but some other spirits don't fall into those two strictly regulated categories.

There's equally strictly regulated American single malt, made from 100% malted barley, Tennessee whiskey, essentially bourbon filtered through maple charcoal and aged in new charred oak barrels.

And then there's moonshine, a high proof (150- 170 proof) distilled spirit mainly made out of corn which gained popularity during the prohibition.

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Richly herbaceous and fruity with robust notes of fresh hay, figs and lemongrass. Restrained barrel character offers caramel, vanilla and nutmeg. This is a very complex whisky to be savored and pondered in a snifter or copita, possibly with a few drops of water to reveal additional depth.
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