Chapter 7 Monologue 13 Year Old Teaninich 2008 Scotch Whisky

Size700mL Proof94 (47% ABV)
Teaninich is Diageo's giant workhorse distillery that produces unique Highland single malt whisky. Known for using a hammer mill and mash filter instead of a mash tun, it's rare to find an official bottling from the distillery. The expression has spent 13 years in its bourbon barrel before being bottled in 2022.


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About Chapter 7 Monologue 13 Year Old Teaninich 2008 Scotch Whisky

Chapter 7 Whisky is an Independent bottler that was founded in 2014 by Selim Evin with the goal of seeking out extraordinary casks from Scottish as well as Irish lesser known distilleries. With a name inspired by literature ― Shakespeare's As You Like It comedy, to be exact ― and Evin's malt-chasing expertise, the company soon began racking up the most prestigious awards, with their first 4 single malts averaging 91.6 points in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible. Since then they have expanded from Scotch single malts to Irish ones, as well as single grain and blended malt Scotches, with most releases being cask strength and none of them employing chill filtering or coloring.

Evin lets lesser-known distilleries and their casks take the spotlight, revealing hidden gems with exceptional quality and character. With a team of whisky experts, the final selection is the product of collaborations with several different suppliers, service providers, and trade partners. Chapter 7 has three series of expressions: Monologue, Anecdote, and Prologue. The first are unique single casks, the second once-in-a-lifetime small batches or married atypical whiskies, the third consists of younger malts.

The 21st release in the Monologue series comes from Teaninich, Diageo's giant workhorse distillery that's known for using a hammer mill and mash filter instead of a mash tun. Distilled in 2008 and bottled in 2022, the Highland single malt has spent 13 years in bourbon barrel no. 715025 before being bottled at an unusually low cask strength of 94 proof without chill-filtration of coloring ― that dark color is all-natural!

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About Scotch

Scotch is the most popular whisky in the world and is considered the king of them all! There are five whisky regions in Scotland (six if you count the not officially recognized Islands), and each of them produces spirits with unique properties and distinct tasting notes. (The type of grain used determents the type of the scotch.)

Malt whisky is made of malted barley, and grain whisky uses other grains like corn or wheat. Most of the time, a whisky is blended from different distilleries hence the name blended scotch, but if a malt whisky is produced in a single distillery, we get something extraordinary called a single malt.

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Look for toffee, apple, pastry, caramel, oak, vanilla, and baking spice aromas on the nose. The palate is rich with toffee, apple, cereal, currant, and hazelnut notes. You'll find toffee apples, spice, and créme caramel on the satisfyingly long finish.
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