The Macallan Exceptional Single Cask 2017/ESB-2339/05

Only 286 bottles of this stunning Exceptional Cask were produced.
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Situated on a ridge above the banks of the River Spey, the Easter Elchies House has been the spiritual home of The Macallan for over three centuries. In 1820, Alexander Reid began renting the home from Sir Lewis Grant of Grant. Reid was a farmer, and soon after he sowed the fields surrounding the home with barley, Reid established the first licensed distillery on the estate, which he named Macallan after an ancient church that had been destroyed by fire during the 15th century. In the winter — when there was little activity on the farm — Reid would ferment and distill his excess grains into whisky, which was often drunk straight from the still or sold to travelers passing through the town.

Today, the Macallan Estate encompasses 370 acres, 95 of which are devoted to the production of the Macallan Estate's Minstrel barley (a single acre produces about 2.5 tons of barley each year, enough to yield 1,800 bottles of The Macallan). In addition, the distillery contracts with farmers to purchase barley that is low in nitrogen and high in starch, resulting in a rich and oily whisky.

After the barley is harvested in late August and early September, it is malted before being mashed in one of The Macallan's two mash tuns, a process that takes between four and eight hours. Then, the barley is fermented with a specially cultured yeast before being distilled twice through The Macallan's copper-pot stills. The copper comprising the stills acts as a catalyst, and enhances the formation of sweet esters while minimizing impurities such as sulphur. In addition, the curiously small stills — some of "the smallest stills within the Scotch whisky industry," according to production manager Alexander Tweedie — produce a whisky with a heavy, oily flavor.

Following distillation, The Macallan distillers remove the heads and tails of the whisky and collect approximately 16% of the spirit to fill into casks for maturation. This "cut," which is among the highest of any Scottish distillery, results in a more full-bodied and and rich whisky.

Released in 2017, The Macallan’s Exceptional Single Cask Series features a range of sherry-seasoned casks. All of which are bottled with natural color, no chill filtration, and at cask strength. Every single bottle of The Macallan Exceptional Single Cask is unique in its own particular way. Each cask hand-selected by The Macallan Whisky Makers for their distinctive characteristics.

Each and every sample of this incredible estate range is meticulously nosed and assessed. It is here, in the hidden depths of the estate that extraordinary aromas and flavors first fully reveal themselves. This stunning batch was distilled on March 4, 2002 matured in a European oak sherry butt, and bottled August 31, 2017 at 117 proof. Only 286 bottles were produced.

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Proof 117 (58.5% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name The Macallan Distillery
Size 750mL
This classic Macallan is rich with dried fruits, raisins and a foundation of vanilla and refined oak. The palate delivers notes of figs and sultana, with earthy notes of ginger and vanilla. The finish is silky and warming.
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