St. George Lot. 22 Single Malt Whiskey

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Size750mL Proof86 (43% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
Dating back to 2000, St. George is one of the first American single malts. This is the 22nd release of the expression that kept evolving through the years. The mash bill remains the same as the combination of casks gets more and more varied.
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About St. George Lot. 22 Single Malt Whiskey

St. George Spirits is one of the oldest craft distilleries in the United States, having been founded in 1982 by German-born Jörg Rupf. Operating out of an old WWII airplane hangar on the edge of San Francisco, the distillery crafts unique spirits, overseen by Lance Winters, nuclear engineer, mad scientist, and St. George's master distiller, and Dave Smith, St. George's chief blender. First launched in 2000, St. George Single Malt was one of the first American single malts, evolving through each release (Lot). Lot 22 starts with two-row barley of various roast levels and Bamberg malt, the mash bill staying the same for over two decades. Smith carefully selected and blended 26 different casks for this release. These included Kentucky bourbon casks, used Tennessee whiskey casks, as well as American and French oak (brandy, port, California Sauternes-style) casks. The single casks that went into the blend were aged between 4.5 to 8.5 years, while the oldest blended cask included whiskey that was 23 years old. Bottled at 86 proof, Lot 22 is an elegant single malt with notes of espresso, cherry, butter, nuts, honeydew, and gingerbread.

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About St. George

Back in 1982, St. George Spirits was founded as an Eau de Vie distillery by Jorg Ruph in Alameda, California. One of the pioneers of the craft spirits movement, St. George Spirits was the first small American distillery since Prohibition, focusing on making brandy from Californian fruits at the beginning. Producing their first single malt in 1997, St. George Spirits expanded in 2004 and moved into a 65,000-square-foot airplane hangar. In 2007, they released the first legal American absinthe since the 1912 U.S. ban. Named everything from "the best craft distillery in America","craft whiskey of the year", and "craft whiskey producer of the year", St. George boasts a wide range of craft products including gin, eau de vies, rum, whiskey and absinthe.

About American Whiskey

There are two main representatives of the American whiskey family, bourbon, and rye, but some other spirits don't fall into those two strictly regulated categories.

There's equally strictly regulated American single malt, made from 100% malted barley, Tennessee whiskey, essentially bourbon filtered through maple charcoal and aged in new charred oak barrels.

And then there's moonshine, a high proof (150- 170 proof) distilled spirit mainly made out of corn which gained popularity during the prohibition.

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The nose is elegant and complex with coffee, raisin, coconut, butter, walnut, caramel, and coriander aromas. Look for toasted nuts, coffee, honeydew, and ginger on the equally complex palate.
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