Sagamore Spirit Rye Black-Eyed Rye 4-Pack

This 4-pack of ready-to-drink cocktails is crafted with Sagamore Spirit 4-year-old rye whiskey, organic cranberry and lime juice, and ginger flavor. The 18-proof cocktail is fruity with a solid rye backbone.
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In the early 1800s, Maryland farmers were known to use rye as a cover crop. Its fibrous and sturdy nature kept soil healthy, protecting the land from erosion, not to mention it made a great quality whiskey. Rye whiskey production also proved to be more profitable than selling the raw grain. After the spring harvest, the grains were distilled, and rye whiskey became the unofficial spirit of Maryland.

Sagamore Spirit is reminiscent of these early days of Maryland distilling, paying homage to this era with a uniquely crafted spirit. Maryland rye whiskeys are historically smoother. In their early stages, the majority of production went into blends for other companies; they currently own their private distillery outfitted with a brand new visitor center in Maryland.

Sagamore produces a range of four all-American Rye Whiskeys. Historically, Maryland Rye Whiskey is a much smoother whiskey than its Pennsylvanian and Kentucky counterparts, harboring creamy tastes and textures from the calcium-rich waters of Maryland limestone.

Recently, they have added a new way to enjoy their 4-year-old rye whiskey in the form of 3 canned cocktails: the Honey Paloma, Lemon Tea Fizz, and Black-Eyed Rye. The convenient ready-to-drink cocktails come in 355ml cans and are gluten-free. The Black-Eyed Rye is a carbonated 18-proof drink that is crafted with their 4-year-old rye whiskey, organic blackberry and lime juices, and ginger flavor.

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Proof 18 (9% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Sagamore Spirit Distillery
Size 1420mL
You can expect a solid rye whiskey backbone with cinnamon, vanilla, honey, and caramel shining through. Then there's the juicy fruitiness of blackberries paired with a pleasant citrusy acidity and a touch of ginger that lingers through the finish.
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