Pratt Standard True Ginger Syrup

A whole pound of ginger root goes into a single bottle of this hand-crafted ginger syrup, making it an all-natural and premium offering with intense ginger flavor. Use it to add a ginger kick to your cocktails or just add club soda to make ginger beer or ginger ale.
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The Pratt Standard Cocktail Company was founded in November 2014 by Tory Pratt. At first, it was called TRUE Syrups & Garnishes and the name was later changed to reflect their goal of connecting people via mixology. Based in Washington, D.C. they specialize in cocktail syrups that are focused on authenticity and flavor and take their inspiration from the pre-Prohibition era. They spread their passion and dedication via the quality of their products as well as through cocktail classes.

Pratt comes from a family that has worked in the food industry since she can remember. It wasn't until she bought a high-quality craft gin that she realized a cheap run-of-the-mill tonic simply wouldn't cut it. After much research and experimentation, she ended up with the True Tonic Syrup, the first in the growing lineup of syrups that now include the Ginger Syrup, Grenadine Syrup, Kola Syrup, and Rich Simple Syrup. Now there's even the seasonal Spring Syrups series with Blackberry Mint, Rosemary Grapefruit, and Bitter Lemon variations. The name of the game is super-high quality and versatility, eschewing artificial additives, and creating syrups that complement ― rather than overpower ― the spirits they are mixed with.

The True Ginger Syrup is Pratt Standard's best-seller. Crafted with whole ginger root, organic evaporated cane juice (instead of the commonly used extract), water, and citric acid, a whole pound of ginger goes into a single bottle of this syrup. It's all-natural and you get to choose your own intensity of the flavor ― mixed with club soda you can go from ginger beer to ginger ale. As with all their offerings, there's no corn syrup and artificial ingredients. Use this hand-crafted syrup to add a spicy kick to various cocktails such as the Moscow mule or Penicillin.

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Proof 0% ABV
Distiller/Bottler Name Undisclosed
Size 473mL
It's all-natural and packed with real ginger flavor since a whole pound of ginger root goes into this syrup. Sweet and spicy, it adds a ginger kick to your mixed drinks and makes a perfect ginger beer or ginger ale.
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