Single Pot Still Irish whiskey has a production process that is unique to Ireland. It is triple-distilled from a mash of malted and unmalted barley in large copper pot stills. Following distillation, the spirit is matured primarily in seasoned American bourbon barrels and Spanish sherry butts, along with other traditional cask types such as virgin white oak barrels or Portuguese portpipes.


Barley used at Midleton is primarily sourced from the Munster region of Ireland. Munster is famous for its fertile soil that is rich in limestone.


To produce Single Pot Still whiskey, precise amounts of malted and unmalted barley are milled and then mixed together to create a flour called grist.


Each of the three distillations is used to refine and collect the purest distillates, creating a final spirit that has a clean, robust and spicy flavor.


Triple distillation differentiates Irish whiskey from Scotch whisky which is typically distilled twice, and American whiskey which is typically distilled once.


The Irish Whiskey Act stipulates that by law, Irish whiskey must be matured for a minimum of 3 years in oak barrels.



“Whiskey brings together the mastery of the distilling process with the mystery of its humble ingredients. It is this indefinable nature that makes a premium whiskey far more than the sum of its parts” THE MIDLETON MASTERS

Brian Nation Master Distiller

Brian Nation’s enthusiasm for his role comes from the sheer enjoyment of meeting people from across the globe that appreciate the craft and skill that goes into creating an unmatched range of whiskeys. Brian oversees the production process from brewing to distillation, and holds the enviable position of tasting all whiskeys on a daily basis to ensure the correct flavors and that unique pot still spiciness are present.


We like to think our recipe creates the smoothest Irish whiskey, but we know a major part of our extraordinary success lies in the hands of David, our Master of Whiskey Science. In his own words, “… There’s also an art to distilling whiskey – science and art – that brings together the mastery of the process with the mystery of its humble ingredients.”


Billy Leighton is a sort of zen-master of whiskey who individually selects and expertly marries whiskeys of differing ages and taste profiles. His top priority is the management of the maturing stocks to make sure that the right type of whiskey be available at the right age, and in the right casks.


The craft of making casks has been handed down through Ger’s family for five generations. He takes great pride in continuing to use the same tools that were made and used by both his father and his grandfather over 80 years ago. With a stock of over 1.2 million oak casks at the Midleton Distillery, Ger’s days are kept busy making sure we get the highest quality of casks with the best possible oak.


With a great passion for wood and a focus on sourcing quality oak for maturation, Kevin’s role includes working with the 150 year old aged wood from Northern Spain. When describing the arrival of the casks to the gates of the Midleton Distillery as a “truly special day of the year,” you can tell the romance of the Midleton story is definitely not lost on him.

DAVE MCCABE International Whiskey
Ambassador Brand

Based at the Midleton Distillery, Dave is the head tutor at the Irish Whiskey Academy. His day-to-day role involves teaching people, those within the industry, and whiskey enthusiasts alike, about the production and heritage of Irish whiskey produced at Midleton. For him, “Being part of the Midleton team and having the opportunity to work alongside the masters is a truly humbling experience and their passion and enthusiasm for whiskey is infectious, inspiring you to always improve your knowledge in the world of whiskey.”