Kyrö Gin

A gin from an all-rye Finnish distillery, declared "The World’s Best Gin for Gin&Tonic" at IWCS 2015. Inspired by the wild Finnish nature, it features 4 locally foraged botanicals and 13 traditional gin ingredients.
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The idea for Kyrö Distillery Company, an all-rye distillery from Finland, was born in a classic Finnish way – with a group of friends enjoying a sauna and drinking rye whisky. Wondering why there hadn't been a Finnish rye whisky distillery despite the grain's wide-spread popularity, they decided to take matters in their own hands. Choosing an old dairy as Kyrö's home, their beginnings were modest. The first fermentation actually took place in the head distiller's childhood home while his parents were on vacation and the mush then needed to be transferred to a craft whisky distillery hundreds of kilometers away to undergo the first distillation.

Despite the initial improvising, it wasn't long until Kyrö received critical acclaim after smuggling some samples to the Whisky Show in London. In 2014, the stills at the old dairy were heated up for the first time and the first drinks were served at a pop-up bar in Helsinki. Kyrö began crafting gin as well and the relatively unknown distillery experienced explosive growth after their Kyrö Gin (formerly known as Napue) was selected as "The World’s Best Gin for Gin&Tonic" at IWCS 2015. It immediately sold out and the rest is history. Today, Kyrö is a craft powerhouse possessing experience, knowledge and capacities that remains loyal to Finnish rye despite it being a notoriously demanding grain to distill. Kyrö's portfolio includes whisky, gin and liqueur as well as special releases, all made from 100% Finnish rye grain.

Inspired by wild nature, Kyrö Gin features four locally foraged botanicals and 13 traditional gin botanicals. The traditional gin ingredients include juniper, lemon, zest, angelica root, and cardamom, which are beautifully balanced by some more surprising, like cranberries, meadowsweet, birch and sea buckthorn. At Kyrö, they describe it as bottled moments of »a 3 a.m. sunrise on a misty Finnish meadow, picking berries barefoot after a sauna or a run through a field of rye with your friends«. Its full-bodied herbal flavor and the gentle citrus aroma really pop and make for a G&T that will blow your socks off. Enjoy it with plenty of ice, a few cranberries and a sprig of rosemary.

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Proof 92.6 (46.3% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Kyrö Distillery Company
Size 750mL
On the nose, you’ll find fresh notes of gentle citrus. The palate is a full-bodied herbal flavor with notes of pepper and rye in the company of essential oils like meadowsweet. A crisp, fresh finish.
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