Naud Distilled Gin

This French gin takes its inspiration from the original recipe of Emile Perrier, who made an original gin at his first distillery. Recreated by Jean-Michel and Pierre Naud, it's crafted with 12 botanicals for a unique and fresh profile.
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The Naud family history has seen 5 generations of entrepreneurs crafting spirits in the past century. The art was rediscovered by Jean-Michel Naud in the 80s. The son-in-law of Robert Perrier, Naud was passionate about wine and spirits and a trained oenologist. Together with his son Pierre, they resurrected the distillery in order to craft cognac and a range of other spirits.

Emile Perrier founded la Distillerie du Donjon, his first distillery, in 1923, after studying distilling in Bordeaux. In 1936 an ancient grain mill in Pinthiers was converted into a cognac distillery by Emile's son, Jean-Gabriel, taking the name Distillerie Perrier. The distillery had 5 Speichim copper pot stills which continued operation under Jean-Gabriel's son Robert. It wasn't until 1999 that Jean-Michel Naud built the first vodka distillery in the Charente region, crafting premium neutral wheat spirit. Finally, in 2017 Pierre and his son revived the distillery in Pinthiers, firing up its 5 pot stills in order to craft premium spirits using grapes from the family's expanding vineyards.

Emile Perrier once crafted his own original gin at the distillery. Naud Distilled Gin takes its inspiration from that spirit with Jean-Michel and Pierre researching and tracking down ingredients that the original gin was made with. They settled on 12 botanicals that are infused for 7 to 10 days before being distilled in small copper pot stills. The list of botanicals is as follows: juniper, ginger, bergamot, clove, orris root, cinnamon, coriander, angelica, cardamom, almond, cubeb, and nutmeg. The 88-proof gin features a unique and fresh bouquet that makes it a perfect choice to elevate a Gin & Tonic.

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Proof 88 (44% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Distillerie de la Tour
Size 750mL
You'll find fragrant and fresh aromas of lime, grapefruit, and freshly picked flowers on the nose. The palate is lively with citrus, mint, and spices ― cinnamon, cubeb, and cardamom make an appearance. There's a solid juniper backbone that gives way to bergamot, culminating in a refreshing finish.
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