George Washington Estate Rye Whiskey

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Size375mL Proof80 (40% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
Made in collaboration with the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association, this rye whiskey is distilled according to George Washington's original recipe.
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About George Washington Estate Rye Whiskey

By 2003, Washington's recipe for rye whiskey had been uncovered and his original distillery at Mount Vernon had been restored. That year, Master Distiller Dave Pickerell was selected to distill the first batch of George Washington Rye in two centuries (the stills have remained nearly silent ever since).

George Washington Rye Whiskey Estate Edition is distilled by Pickerell at Hillrock Distillery. "We are partnering with Hillrock because we simply can't make enough of our product at George Washington's Distillery to meet the demand," says Mount Vernon's president, Curt Viebranz. Much like the rye whiskey that Pickerell produced at Mount Vernon, the rye whiskey produced at Hillrock Distillery continues to be made using Washington's recipe and is distilled through copper-pot stills. In addition, much like the original rye that Washington himself produced, George Washington Rye Whiskey is never aged.

"It was inspiring to bring George Washington's Rye recipe to the Hillrock Estate Distillery," says Pickerell. "The historical and geographical connections made this an ideal collaboration. Similar to the General's rye, this new spirit is crystal clear with notes of spice and freshly harvested grain in the nose. The taste is slightly sweet with lots of traditional rye spiciness, and carries a warm and crisp finish."

Each bottle of George Washington Rye Whiskey Estate Edition contains an aliquot of whiskey made at George Washington's Distillery in Mount Vernon.

Pay homage to the first President of the United States and pick up a bottle today!

About George Washington’s

During his tenure as the first President of the United States, George Washington established the federal judiciary, organized the first Presidential cabinet and led an army into Pennsylvania in order to put down the whiskey rebellion. In 1797, Washington refused to run for a third term as President, and retired to his quiet countryside estate at Mount Vernon.

That same year, at the recommendation of his Scottish plantation manager, James Anderson, Washington installed a pair of small, copper-pot stills in order to distill his excess grains into whiskey. After a successful test-run, Washington built a large, two-story distillery on his estate to house the stills. In 1798, Washington distilled approximately 4,500 gallons of rye whiskey. In 1799, Washington distilled 11,000 gallons, likely making him the largest whiskey producer in the United States at the time. Washington's rye whiskey, which was never aged, was the largest source of revenue for his plantation.

About Rye

As American as the bald eagle, rye whiskey was first brewed in the American Northeast in the 1600s. Even George Washington distilled it after leaving the Oval Office, so there’s no way of denying its origin.
It’s distinguished from bourbon for its original and unique spicy notes.

By law, rye whiskey must be made from at least 51% rye grain, aged in new and charred oak barrels for at least two years, and bottled at no more than 62,5% ABV.

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Spicy nose with hints of rye and freshly cut grass. Warm notes of rye and baking spices that lead to a crisp and earthy finish.
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