Fumus Pumila Mezcal Style Apple Brandy

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Size750mL Proof100 (50% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary
This unique spirit brings together Maryland terroir and mezcal production methods. Fermented in wooden vats on smoked apple pomace, it's a uniquely fruity and smoky double-distilled spirit.
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About Fumus Pumila Mezcal Style Apple Brandy

The Baltimore Spirits Company was founded in 2015 by CFO Ian Newton, CEO Max Lents, and head distiller Eli Breitburg-Smith. A new state-of-the-art was opened in the Baltimore Union Collective building, combining traditional Old World craftsmanship with modern distillation techniques. The distillery crafts premium spirits that reflect the soul of Baltimore, bringing the rye & whiskey industry back to Maryland. Their lineup consists of several award-winning expressions that range from whiskey to gin, vodka, and even flavored amari.

They distill their Pechuga Apple Brandy once a year, paying tribute to Mexican pechugas while taking advantage of and showcasing the unique terroir of Maryland. The Mexican inspiration is clear, except that the agave is instead replaced with apples. Fumus Pumila is a mezcal-style apple brandy where the smoked apples are first fermented. After fermentation, the liquid is double-distilled using a copper pot still. It's distilled to proof, meaning that it is never watered down, the same way a mezcal is produced. It's a truly unique spirit where fruit notes meet smoke.

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About Brandy

Brandy is typically produced from distilled wine and other fermented fruit juices like apples, pears, and other sweet fruits.

It is a perfect after-dinner digestif served neat or slightly warmed by holding the glass with your hands.

The kick can vary between 70-120 proof, and it gets its flavor from aging in wooden casks.

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The nose opens with smoky notes reminiscent of mezcal with a sweetness throughout. Aromas of fresh apples follow. The palate is sweet and creamy with baked apple and a pleasant warmth, culminating in a long, fruity, and smoky finish.
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