Copper & Kings A Song for You American Brandy

This limited release American Brandy celebrates the fifth anniversary of the Copper & Kings brand.
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Copper & King American Brandy Company is a spirits producer situated in the northern part of Louisville, KY, adjacent to the Ohio River and a stone's throw away from Indiana, in the picturesque neighborhood of Butchertown. As the name suggests the town used to be home to namely butchers, and brewers, the town is now home to an array of artists, artisans and distillers. They produce a variety of American Brandy, Absinthe and Gin.

The label has pioneered the American brandy movement, a spirit largely associated with European markets. Their aged grape brandy is matured in a combination of 90% Kentucky bourbon whiskey barrels, and 10% medium-char new American white oak barrels, delivering a paradigm-shifting new world of brandy that is distinctively American.

The brandy must be aged for two years in oak or longer. This aging process is delicate and sensitive, without any short-cuts. The delicate nature of the distillate requires meticulous maturation. With its fruit-forward luscious notes and toasted oak undertones this truly is the brandy for bourbon lovers.

Copper & Kings A Song For You is a limited release American Brandy celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Copper & Kings brand. This is the original sourced "DNA1" pure copper pot-distilled brandy blend of 8 year old to 18 year old brandies sourced from seven US states.

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Proof 100 (50% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Copper & Kings Distillery
Size 750mL
Notes of caramel, honey, cherry wood, and honeysuckle aromas on the nose with a subtle hint of melon and floral notes. The palate is luscious and viscous. With layered notes of honey, toasted oak, tobacco, dried fruits, and bold spice mid-palate. The finish is lingering and smooth.
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