Bacardi Spiced Rum


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Size750mL Proof70 (35% ABV)
Aged in charred American oak barrels, this gluten-free rum is blended with natural flavors and spices. Bold and smooth, it strikes the perfect balance between light and deep notes.

This product is available in: CA, CT, DC, FL, NE, NH, NJ, NY, ND Unfortunately, we can't ship to PO Boxes and APO addresses.


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About Bacardi Spiced Rum

Bacardi Spiced Rum starts with a rum that was aged in charred American oak barrels. A gluten-free rum, it’s blended with natural flavors and spices to achieve a distinct bold and smooth taste on the palate. Expect a striking balance between the light and deep notes – ideal for mixing spiced rum cocktails. Bottled at 70 proof, it greets with typical vanilla and cinnamon on the nose before the sweet and spiced flavors further develop on the palate, rounding up with black pepper and fudge. Great paired with cola or ginger beer.

Bacardi Limited is the largest privately held, family-owned spirits company in the world. They are renowned for their eponymous Bacardi white rum, but their portfolio has an extensive 200 labels. Founded in 1862, Bacardi has been family-owned for seven generations. Bacardi is currently sold in more than 150 countries. Headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda, Bacardi is led by the founder's great-great grandson, Facundo L. Bacardí.

The Bacardi family is the lifeblood of Bacardi Rum. They first began producing Rum in Cuba in 1862. The subsequent years that followed brought a revolution to wild Havana nights during the American Prohibition. Emilio Bacardí Moreau refused to support the Spanish government, fighting staunchly for the independence of Cuba, and was consequently exiled for his beliefs. When he later returned to Cuba, he became the first freely-elected mayor of Santiago de Cuba. Cuba in the 1960s was undergoing a revolution, which eventually led to the Bacardi family’s exodus out of Cuba. The members of the family moved to the United States and shifted their distillery to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

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About Rum

Rum history allegedly started in the Carribiens in the 17th century when they started to ferment and distill molasses, a byproduct of sugar production. Most of the Rum is aged in oak or ex-wine casks, giving its color and flavor.

We distinguish between 4 different Rum categories, where white or unaged rum is mainly used in cocktails, while dark, spiced, and añejo (aged) rum are mostly enjoyed neat.

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The nose greets with aromas of vanilla and cinnamon. The palate is sweet and spiced with creamy vanilla, woody and subtle honey notes. The finish is complex and brings flavors of black pepper, fudge, cinnamon and nutmeg spice.
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