The Soho Cucumber, Mint, Lemon & Lime

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Delicious over ice and even better as a premium mixer, this non-carbonated and low-calorie soft drink has an explosion of freshness in the form of cucumber, mint, and citrus. It's gluten-free with no preservatives, as well as being certified vegan.
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About The Soho Cucumber, Mint, Lemon & Lime

Soho Juice Co. is a UK-based company that produces premium soft drinks that are CO2-free, vegan-certified, and low in calories. The idea for the company came to co-founder Johnny Barnes and one Christmas day he decided to register the name and trademark the logo, setting the wheels in motion.

The first incarnation of the cucumber, mint, lemon, and lime juice was concocted at Johnny's friend's apartment in a North London warehouse. The pair used a second-hand blender and ingredients from a local supermarket. They teamed up with another friend and offered the homemade juice on sale at Borough Market in Southwark ― one of the largest of its kind in London. After the product sold out, the idea lay dormant for a year.

After a chance encounter by the two friends, they finally decided to go into mass production. They bottled the first 2,000 bottles by hand and started selling them bar to bar, eventually securing the investment that would enable them to start manufacturing their CO2-free mixers on a larger scale. The UK was first, Scandinavia followed, then the Middle East... It was in 2020, during the global pandemic, that they decided to go all-in after a global retailer bought their entire inventory. They ramped up the manufacturing, aiming to become the UK's premier CO2-free soft drink company.

The fresh and fragrant Cucumber, Mint, Lemon & Lime juice is the one that started it all for Soho Juice Co. Their juices never have more than 50 calories per can, this 250ml one clocking in at just 45 calories. It's certified vegan with no preservatives and gluten, with very low sugar content as well. Naturally, it's non-carbonated as well. Delicious over ice and a premium mixer, it pairs particularly well with gin.

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Fragrant, fresh, and clean, this juice has plenty of cucumber aromas and a refreshingly citrusy palate with a touch of mint.
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